The Faith of a Servant by L.A. Patillo

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The Faith of a Servant by L.A. PatilloThe Faith of a Servant
Author: L.A. Pattillo
Series: Women of Faith #3
Genres: Scripture-Based Historical
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 290
Date: January 17, 2020
Publisher: Angel Music LLC

She nearly gave her life to save her people,
so why does she now feel abandoned by the God she strives to serve?

Orphaned at a young age, Bethany has worked from the time she was little at the Chief Judge’s house. When her Master becomes drunk and beats her within an inch of her life, Bethany retaliates the only way she can think of. Running through the night, she manages to arrive at Captain Moroni’s camp just in time to share her Master’s plot to defect from the Nephite people, taking his entire city with him. Having given her message, she is prepared to meet her God, but miraculously, she lives and begins to recover. Scarred and bitter from the repercussions of her sacrifice, Bethany loses her faith in her Heavenly Father, feeling abandoned and alone in her misery.

From the moment Officer Antion saw Bethany’s broken and bruised body, he felt driven to protect and take care of her. He soon discovers, however, that while her physical wounds are healing, her emotional ones are not. Determined to break down her barriers, Antion sets out on a course to not only make Bethany his wife, but to help her reclaim her trust in God.

When contention between the Nephites and Lamanites escalates, Captain Moroni calls on Antion to leave home in order to lead the Nephite armies to victory. With their fledgling relationship hanging in the balance, Bethany must decide if she can trust her future to the God she once turned her back on or will she give into the darkness threatening to consume her?


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