Blue Farmhouse Christmas by Teri Harman

November 6, 2020 | 1 Comment
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Blue Farmhouse Christmas by Teri HarmanBlue Farmhouse Christmas
Author: Teri Harman
Series: Blue Farmhouse #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 206
Date: November 6, 2020
Publisher: Mirror Press

How do you fall in love when time stands in the way?

Hidden among the pines on the Hill Valley Christmas Tree Farm is an old wishing well. Clara Hill and Liam Cooper met there as kids. They spent winter days enjoying the snow and making casual wishes into the deep stone casing.

On Christmas night, a storm-slick road killed Clara’s parents. Forced to leave her home, her grandpa, and the farm, she was taken to San Diego to live with her aunt. She never got the chance to say goodbye to Liam.

Fifteen years later, Clara returns to the farm for her grandpa’s funeral. A strange instinct leads her back to the well where she finds Liam. The attraction is instant and powerful, the comfort of their friendship easily remembered.

But soon they discover that the wishing well is much more than old stone. Because to Liam it’s December 1989 and to Clara it’s December 2019.

Rating: Mild+. Mild substance use; mild kissing; mild language.


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One response to “Blue Farmhouse Christmas by Teri Harman

  1. Maria

    I enjoyed reading this story and I liked the characters. Clara and Liam so obviously belong with each other. And I enjoyed the secondary characters that surrounded them.
    I like stories that all line up in nice neat rows, so to speak. I want bad guys to get a comeuppance, good guys to have happily-ever-afters and all the details laid out to see how the rest of their life will play out. So if you throw me into a time paradox situation it totally throws me off balance. My neat rows are suddenly flying around with no explanation of why or how and no obvious course for lining them back up again. For that reason, I experienced so much more angst while reading this book than the characters actually did. How will this couple get to be together? What happens if they change the course of time? Does everyone around them just forget what their reality was as a new one folds into place or do they need a complex cover story to explain things? I don’t understand time travel so my rows just won’t line up!
    Other than my rows still being somewhat out of whack, I liked the ending.

    Sex: innuendo
    Language: no
    Violence: no
    *I won this book in a giveaway and voluntarily chose to review it.

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