An Engagement of Sorts by Alene Wecker

August 9, 2021 | 1 Comment
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An Engagement of Sorts by Alene WeckerAn Engagement of Sorts
Author: Alene Wecker
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: Audio, eBook, Print
Pages: 223
Date: August 9, 2021
Publisher: Covenant

Much to her mother’s dismay, spirited Anne Fletcher spent her youth seeking her father’s approval by hunting and riding. More comfortable in breeches than ball gowns, Anne sees the freedoms she once enjoyed slowly taken from her in the name of fashioning her into an eligible young lady. When her parents try to force her into marriage, Anne makes a desperate attempt to salvage her last vestige of independence. If she is to marry, she will do so on her own terms.

Anne strikes a deal: if she cannot secure a man for herself, she will agree to marry the husband her parents approved. She soon finds herself in the last place she would ever choose—that stifling parade of etiquette, the London Season. Anne’s plan is in motion. Now all she needs is a man willing to masquerade as her fiancé.


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One response to “An Engagement of Sorts by Alene Wecker

  1. Maria

    I really enjoyed this story. I liked the banter and teasing between Anne and Thomas. I loved that Thomas could see morally wrong behavior and chose to attempt to right it. And I always enjoy a woman who is willing to be herself instead of molding into society’s expectations. That is the best ever. And I love it when children stand up to their overbearing and horrible parents so that was awesome as well.

    I didn’t like the hot and cold from Thomas and wondered a little at some of the word choices for the way he looked at Anne. I don’t think he is a creepy person but some verbiage sounded that way. I think it was supposed to be teasing but it was unclear to me. And though Anne was known for being unconventional, I really didn’t believe she would choose to go visit a man in her night clothes even if she is covered in a coat. That was too much, even for her. An obvious disaster waiting to happen.

    Overall this was an enjoyable read. It appears to be a debut novel and is well written.

    Sex: Kisses, some passionate, sexual assault
    Language: no
    Violence: sexual assault – not too graphic

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