Magicless in Nevermore by Violet Merriweather

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Magicless in Nevermore by Violet MerriweatherMagicless in Nevermore
Author: Violet Merriweather
Series: Witches of Nevermore #1
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Format: eBook
Pages: 283
Date: July 30, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Tonight she’s going to find her magic or die trying—hopefully in that order. And without dying.

Cassandra Holly is just your average witch living in Nevermore. Except for the witch part. To be a witch, to stay in Nevermore—and in enchanting distance of her family—she needs to find her magic. Now! Against all odds, she does. Sort of.

Finding her magic is when everything goes wrong.

Coming into her magic is a dream come true. Stumbling onto a crime scene where the most powerful—and crankiest—witch in Nevermore’s history has been murdered? Not so much. Being hired by the witch’s ghost to find the killer? Verging into nightmare territory. Ordinarily Cassie would have left the crime solving to the experts. But it turns out the ghost is not only well-versed in cranky, but coercion as well, and she isn’t going to take no for an answer.

Ghostly despot aside, what if the murder was simply a red-herring?

The more Cassie learns about the murder, the more she realizes something more nefarious is afoot. And if she doesn’t figure out the true mystery in time, she’ll lose her magic, her family, her home. And quite possibly herself.

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About Violet Merriweather

Violet Merriweather

Violet grew up on a diet of fables, fiction, and fairy tales. Now that she’s older, she’s discovered a taste for murder, mystery, and magic.

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