Cauldron Bubble by Wendy Knight

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Cauldron Bubble by Wendy KnightCauldron Bubble
Author: Wendy Knight
Series: Toil & Trouble #1
Genres: YA Paranormal/Contemporary
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 274
Date: October 11, 2016
Publisher: Six Inch Heel Press

“You’ve just always been the powerful one. I’m the smart aleck.”

“We’re the same. I’m night, you’re day. You have to have both to have life.”

“You can hide in the shadows.”

“And you can shine like the sun. This prophesy is about both of us.”

Destiny doesn’t think she’s anything special. The daughter of an outcast witch. Her twin, Fate, is her best friend, so that’s awesome. They’re experts in love potions and selling them to crazy high school kids.

So they can buy more shoes.

But that all changes when their school is attacked by warlocks—warlocks who want her power for their own. The attack launches her onto the path the stars have chosen for Destiny, Fate, and their long-lost father.

Oh, and Quin.

Quin, who’s the son of a witch, only tolerating Destiny’s presence because she can save his mother. Except along the way, that all changes, and he realizes Destiny is everything he never knew he wanted. The only problem is she thinks if love can be made from a potion, it can’t be a real thing.

If they survive this, he’s going to prove her wrong.

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