Beyond the Rising Tide by Sarah Beard

June 14, 2016 | 3 Comments
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Beyond the Rising Tide by Sarah BeardBeyond the Rising Tide
Author: Sarah Beard
Genres: YA Paranormal/Contemporary
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 304
Date: June 14, 2016
Publisher: Cedar Fort

I open my hand slowly, terrified that I’m not really solid. And then I feel the rain. Not falling through my hand, but hitting it. Gathering in my palm. It’s cold and wet and heavy. My hands are now stained with a crime, but they also hold the power to help Avery.

Kai Turner was always a rebel while he was alive. Since his death, not much has changed. Now he’s been instructed to forget about his old life and focus on using his new powers to heal people. But all he can focus on is Avery Ambrose, the stranger he died saving.

For the past six months, her life has slowly been unraveled by his death. Dangerously blurring the barriers between life and death, Kai breaks all the rules in order to help her. Little does he know just how much Avery is willing to sacrifice for him in return.

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About Sarah Beard

Sarah Beard

Sarah Beard writes Young Adult books. She earned a degree in communications from the University of Utah and is currently pursuing an MFA in creative writing. When she’s not writing, she referees wrestling matches between her three boys and listens to audiobooks while folding self-replicating piles of laundry. She is a breast cancer survivor, a seeker of good love stories, a composer of melancholy music, and a traveler who wishes her travel budget was much bigger.

3 responses to “Beyond the Rising Tide by Sarah Beard

  1. Sarah Beard has written a beautiful and intriguing story that readers are not going to want to miss. The expression of emotions from Sarah’s characters are brought life in this expressive and captivating story. The love story is a bit complicated in that, Kai died the day he saved Avery. Now he works from the other side working on missions to save people has been assigned to. But Kai is intrigued with Avery and her struggles after her near death experience in the waves and wants to help her. Avery has always been a fighter, and although she struggles, she also fights. This story brings to life raw emotions of pain, guilt, sorrow, and feeling lost and the power to overcome the struggles. The story and characters will capture the heart of readers. I would recommend this story for readers that enjoy contemporary young adult books, as well as novels written from various viewpoints.

    Genre: contemporary, young adult
    Publisher: Sweetwater Books
    Publication date: June 14, 2016
    Number of pages: 304
    Category: Junior High+
    Content Rating: PG, brief violence
    Book Rating: 5 stars

    A review copy of this book was provided by Cedar Fort.

  2. Gayle Humpherys

    Loved this one! This was a beautifully written story about two people and the choices and sacrifices they make. I loved the whole idea of the story – Kai has already died saving Avery and now he chooses to break a few rules to come back and try to help her move past that tragedy and the guilt she feels. All of the characters were so well-written – besides Kai and Avery, I especially liked the supporting characters in Avery’s family and felt like the author also did a good job describing her mom’s bipolar battles. So much depth and emotion throughout the book – lots of heartbreak and pain and sorrow but ultimately it is a story of love and hope.
    I also really liked the way that the “other side” was depicted and the descriptions of how life continued and choices were made there as well. I stayed up way too late to find out what would happen to these characters. I will definitely pass this along to my teenage daughters!

  3. Julie

    This is an enthralling story, but it’s not what I loved most about this book. I loved the words. I loved the lyrical, poetic narrative, and the lovely setting. I also loved the characters. What a treasure.

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