House of Oak: Clandestine by Nichole Van

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House of Oak: Clandestine by Nichole VanClandestine
Author: Nichole Van
Series: House of Oak #3
Genres: Speculative Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 327
Date: May 26, 2015
Publisher: Fiorenza Publishing

Fate will draw two people together, moving them through centuries if necessary. But even predestined lovers have the choice to walk away…

In 2014, Marc Wilde—martial artist and actor—finds his life a mess. His latest film, Croc-nami, is being trashed on social media, sending his acting career into a tailspin (crocodile pun… nice). His love life isn’t doing much better. Romantic love? Not so much. And then there is the tiny matter of blackmail. Someone knows about the time portal in the cellar of Duir Cottage and is threatening to tell the world unless Marc pays up. So yeah… life not going so well.

In 1814, Kit Ashton has problems of her own. Her brother has disappeared (again), leaving Kit penniless and forcing her to take up employment as a lady’s companion (sigh). Worse, there are French spies in the area, and Kit finds herself pulled into the conspiracy. Add in the sudden appearance of a handsome, silver-tongued rogue who makes Kit want to flirt, flirt, flirt… it’s the perfect recipe for disaster. Kit is determined to find her brother, return home and (most importantly) keep her secrets, well, secret.

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About Nichole Van

Nichole Van

Nichole Van is an artist who feels life is too short to only have one obsession. In former lives, she has been a contemporary dancer, pianist, art historian, choreographer, culinary artist and English professor. And author. Nichole currently lives in Utah with her husband and three crazy children.

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