18th Annual Whitney Award Eligible

Here is a list of eligible novels for the 18th Annual Whitney Awards. Release dates are from November 1, 2023 through October 31, 2024. Authors on this list have at some time in the past verified that they are LDS.

Send an email ASAP to ldsbookgeek [@] gmail [dot] com if:

  • If your novel is NOT on this list and it should be.
  • You are no longer LDS and want to be deleted from this list.
  • You are LDS but this is a pen name you’d like to keep it secret (hopefully, this doesn’t apply to anyone on the list)
  • If anything about your listing needs a correction


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Eligible Novels listed by Author

Updated 5/23/24

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Abbott, Zina

Abramson, Traci Hunter

Allen, Nancy Campbell

Allen, Natalie R.

Bell, Michele Ashman

Bellon, Julie Coulter

Bessey, Sian Ann

Collings, Michaelbrent

Drake, Sariah

Connolly, Rebecca

Easton, Meg

Eden, Sarah M.

Eljarbo, Heidi

Evans, Loralee

Eves, Rosalyn

Ferguson, Danyelle

Grantham, Tamara

Hahn, Caren

Halliday, M.P.

Harmon, Amy

Holmberg, Charlie

Hoyle, McCall

  • Millie (Best Friends Dog Tales #3)

Jakes, Annie

John, Rachel

Johnson, Sally

Lewis, Laurie

Lieske, Victorine

London, Rimmy

Mason, M M

McConkie, Sarah L.

Montpetit, Kimberley

Moore, Heather B.

Nielson, Jennifer A.

Noelle, Chelsey

Peterson, Kathie Oram

Peterson, Robbin J.

Poulson, Clair M.

Powell, Christie Valentine

Okerlund, Taya

Rallison, Janette

Sanderson, Brandon

Savage, J. Scott

Sowards, A.L.

Sutton, Ann

Swinton, Lisa

Talley, Rebecca

Warner, Jill C.

Wheeler, E.B.

Williams, Melody J.

Wright, Julie

Zeigler, Amey