17th Annual Whitney Award Eligible

Here is a list of eligible novels for the 17th Annual Whitney Awards. Release dates are from November 1, 2022 through October 31, 2023. Authors on this list have at some time in the past verified that they are LDS.

Send an email ASAP to ldsbookgeek [@] gmail [dot] com if:

  • If your novel is NOT on this list and it should be.
  • You are no longer LDS and want to be deleted from this list.
  • You are LDS but this is a pen name you’d like to keep secret (hopefully, this doesn’t apply to anyone on the list)
  • If anything about your listing needs a correction


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Eligible Novels listed by Author

Updated 10/31/23

Abbott, Zina

  • Marigold (Christmas Quilt Brides #2)
  • Lauren: Rescue Me (Mail Order Brides #2)
  • Elise: Rescue Me (Mail Order Brides #8)
  • Sabrina: Rescue Me (Mail Order Brides #19)
  • Watchman for Willow, A (Mail Order Papa)
  • Vinegar Pie by Varinia (Old Timey Holiday Kitchen #25)
  • Clara (Prairie Roses Collection #25)
  • Eleanor (Switchboard Sisterhood #15)

Abramson, Traci Hunter

  • Best Mistake, The (Dream’s Edge #2.5)
  • Worlds Collide (Dream’s Edge #3)
  • Unseen (Guardians #7)
  • Covert Ops (Saint Squad #12)
  • From an Unknown Sender (Falcon Point #2) with Sian Ann Bessey

Allen, C.W.

  • Tales of the Forgotten Founders

Allen, Jewel

  • Cowboy for Hire, A (Riverdale Ranch Romance #8)
  • Secret Royal and the Rodeo Cowboy (Rodeo Cowboy Romance #1)

Allen, Sarah

  • Nightmare House, The

Allred, Susan Cady

  • Fake Jake (Courting Disaster #3)
  • C4 (Courting Disaster Book 4)
  • Road to Nowhere (Courting Disaster #5)

Alsop, Cheree

  • Save Me, Mrs. Claus

Amberson, TJ

  • My Date with the Prince

Amooi, Rich

  • Save the Drama for Your Mama

Anderson, Allison

  • Spring Maiden, The (The Cartographer’s War #1)

Anderson, June B.

  • Roping the Cowboy Next Door (Finding Love in Mills #1)
  • Reining in the Cowboy (Finding Love in Mills #2)
  • Finding Faith (Finding Love in Mills #3)

Anderson, Rebecca

  • Art of Love and Lies, The

Atkins, Kristina

  • Feathers Sharp as Knives

Atkinson, Jen

  • Insta Boyfriend (Insta Series #1)
  • Insta Connection (Insta Series #2)
  • Insta Kiss (Insta Series #3)
  • Insta Family (Insta Series #4)
  • Insta Wedding (Insta Series #5)

Atwood, Meg

  • Falling for the Incognito Billionaire (Sunset Cove Romance #1)

Avari, Josi

  • Walking on Eggshells (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #16)
  • Fly the Coop (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #17)
  • Love Nest (Aloha Chicken Mysteries #18)
  • Stranger on the Seine (Desperate Strangers Travel Club Mysteries #1)

Aylworth, Susan

  • Mischief and Mistletoe (Christmas Town #4)
  • Holly and Hearts in Christmas Town (Christmas Town #5)

Baker, B.E.

  • Bequest, The (Birch Creek Ranch #1)
  • Reboot, The (Birch Creek Ranch #5)
  • Surprise, The (Birch Creek Ranch #6)
  • Setback, The (Birch Creek Ranch #7)
  • Seed Money (Scarsdale Fosters #1)

Baldwin, Cindy

  • No Matter the Distance

Baldwin, Kaylee

  • Me and Mr. Just Right
  • Wedding Mismatch, A (Diamond Cove Romantic Comedy)

Barker, Joanna

  • Heart Worth Stealing, A

Barnson, Jay

  • Sorcerer of the Ancient Depths (The Vanished #2)
  • War-Priests of Kalnath (The Vanished #3)

Bateman, Melanie

  • Traveler (The Traveler Trilogy #1)

Bateman, Rachel

  • Make the Fireflies Dance

Bates, Kevin W.

  • Quarantine

Beckstrand, Jennifer

  • Second Chances on Huckleberry Hill (Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill #11)
  • Happily Ever After on Huckleberry Hill (Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill #12)

Beers, Laura

  • Amiable Alliance, An
  • Charming Mr. Blackmor
  • Improper Courtship, An
  • Devious Secret, A (Gentlemen of London #6
  • Secrets of a Lady (Lords & Ladies of Mayfair #1)

Belt, C. David

  • Witch and the Devourer of Souls, The

Benson, K.B.

  • Well of Eida

Bentley, Elizabeth Petty

  • Facing Grace

Bessey, Sian Ann

  • Call of the Sea, The
  • Unassuming Curator, The
  • From an Unknown Sender (Falcon Point #2) with Traci Hunter Abramson

Black, Stephanie

  • Come Gentle Night (Natalie Marsh #5
  • Trespassers, The

Boyd, H.R.

  • Paint the Grass

Bradley, Carol P

  • Making of Margaret Dashwood, The

Bradley, Graham

  • Sheriff Porter

Bradt, Patricia Lyn

  • Betrothal of Convenience, A

Branton, Rachel

  • Everything About You (A Town Called Forgotten #4)
  • Never Letting Go (A Town Called Forgotten #5)
  • Royal Time (Royals of Beaumont #4)

Branton, Teyla

  • Unsworn, The (Unbounded #9)

Briane, Natalie

  • Keepers of the Zodiac

Camp, Shannen

  • My Not-So Rad Afterlife

Carlson, Rebecca J.

  • Wizard of Frogsmire, The

Carter, Lea

  • Uncharted Stars

Cassidy, Jo

  • Darkness Below, A (Willow Marsh #2)

Catmull, Lisa H.

  • Matchmaking Therapy (Jane Austen Vacation Club #1)
  • Regency Therapy (Jane Austen Vacation Club #2)
  • Rock Climbing Therapy (Jane Austen Vacation Club #3)
  • Christmas Boyfriend Recipe, A (Seasons of Sugar Creek #4)

Checketts, Cami

  • Matchmaking the Singer and the Warrior (Billionaire Protection Romances #1)
  • Matchmaking the Duchess and the Commander (Billionaire Protection Romances #2)
  • Matchmaking the Entertainer and the Firefighter (Billionaire Protection Romances #3)
  • Matchmaking the Model and the Beast (Billionaire Protection Romances #4)
  • Matchmaking the Spy and the Heiress (Billionaire Protection Romances #5)
  • Matchmaking the Bodyguard and the Philanthropist (Billionaire Protection Romances #6)
  • His Perfect Match for Christmas (Summit Valley Christmas Romances #1)
  • General Prince and the Nerd, The (Sweet Royal Romance Suspense #1)
  • Brave Prince and the Teacher, The (Sweet Royal Romance Suspense #2)
  • Doctor Prince and the Outsider, The (Sweet Royal Romance Suspense #3)
  • Ninja Prince and the Investigator, The (Sweet Royal Romance Suspense #4)
  • Charming Prince and the Single Mum, The (Sweet Royal Romance Suspense #5)
  • Crown Prince and the Traitor, The (Sweet Royal Romance Suspense # 6)
  • Police Chief and the Musician, The (Sweet Royal Romance Suspense #7)
  • Royal Major and the Personal Trainer, The (Sweet Royal Romance Suspense #8)
  • Grieving King and the Emissary, The

Christianson, Julie

  • Faking the Fall (Sweater Weather #4)

Clark, Raneé S.

  • Best Friends Backups & Something More
  • Heiress and the Boy Next Door, The
  • Lady’s Promise, A

Cluff, Sara Jo

  • Veronica’s Bombastic Scheme

Condie, Ally

  • Only Girl in Town, The

Conger, Angelique

  • Before Egypt (Into Egypt)
  • Enemies (Into Egypt)

Connolly, Rebecca

  • Of Mist and Mirrors (Agents of the Convent #3)
  • Under the Cover of Mercy

Cooper, Caitee

  • Silverskin

Cooper, Cori

  • Sage Advice
  • Ways to Improve Bailey

Cummings, Kathleen

  • Fight for Grace, The

Daines, Julie

  • Meridan Park

Dalby, Carrie.

  • Discernment

Daley, Tracy

  • Wrong Side of the Setting Sun, The

Darby, Gary J.

  • Dragons Over the Emerald Grotto (Dragon Ring #5)

Dean, Kyro

  • Baron’s Ghost, The (Rogue Royals #1)
  • Pharaoh’s Curse, The (Rogue Royals #2)
  • Earl’s Assassin, The (Rogue Royals #3)

Dean, Taylor

  • Pause

Debenham, Emily

  • Citizen of Caesarea

Dewsnup, Abby

  • Branson Garrcia and the Sea of Scerros

Dillabough, Bonnie K.T.

  • Links of Infinity
  • Threads of Infinity

Drysdale, Elizabeth A

  • Exile’s Promise, The (Burden of the Banished #1)
  • Fight of the Fallen (Burden of the Banished #2)

Dunn, Colby

  • Brink, The

Easton, Meg

  • Christmas Bet, The (A Mountain Springs Christmas #2)
  • Spies Don’t Fall for Their Asset

Eden, Sarah M.

  • Queen and the Knave, The (Dread Penny Society #5)
  • Fleur de Lis (The Gents #3)
  • Best Intentions, The (The Huntresses #1)
  • Wyoming Wild (Savage Wells #3)

Edwards, Paige

  • Skye Fall

Eljarbo, Heidi

  • London Forgery, The (Fabiola Bennett Mystery #1)
  • Christmas Parties, Snow, and Other Follies (Heartwarming Christmas #2)
  • Warmth of Snow, The (Heartwarming Christmas #3)

Erfert, Debra

  • Bucket List of Hope
  • Loving Oliver: The Easton Brothers
  • Sister-Hood (Larabee Investigations)

Evans, Loralee

  • Taigh—A Flying Squirrel’s Adventure

Eves, Rosalyn

  • Improbable Season, An (Unexpected Seasons #1)

Fitzgerald, Sara

  • Can You See Me

Flory, Jessica

  • Oceans of Sand

Fowers, Stephanie

  • Cole’s Dilemma (Harvest Ranch Romance #25)
  •  West’s Redemption (Harvest Ranch Romance #26)
  • In the Pursuit of Haven (True Treasure Romance #2)

Frank, Carolyn Twede

  • Heartbroke Farmer, A

Frost, Crystal

  • Moon & Ruin (Sentinal Rising #2)

Frost, Heather

  • Esperance (Esperance #1)

Frost, K.M.

  • No Matter What

Gage, Rebecca

  • Curious Case of the Whispering Corpse

Garret, Jared Nathan

  • Carry Your Heart
  • Worlds Apart

Good, Marae

  • Burns We Carry, The

Grace, Lorin

  • Converting the Preacher’s Heart (Bradford Brides #3)
  • Healing the Doctor’s Heart (Bradford Brides #4)
  • Too Much In Common (Hastings Legacy #1)

Graham, Deb

  • S’More Murder (Jerria Danson Mysteries #4)

Griffith, Jennifer

  • If Looks Could Kill
  • Yuletide Manor (Christmas House Romances #7)
  • Christmas at Gingerbread Inn

Gunderson, Cindy

  • Blessing Giver, The

Gunderson, Cynthia

  • Against the Boards

Gygi, Allison

  • Champion of Her Heart

Hadley, Aspen

  • Back To Class (Thornback Society #3)(
  • Class Trip (Thornback Society Prequel)

Hagberg, Elesa

  • Dissection and Reassembly of Cohen Hoard, The

Hahn, Caren

  • This Side of Dark

Hale, Chelsea

  • Just the Fake Fiancée

Hale, Cindy Rae

  • Flirting with my Billionaire Boss (Blue Mountain Billionaires)

Hale, Shannon

  • Diana and Nubia (Princesses of the Amazons)

Harmon, Amy

  • Girl Called Sampson, A

Hart, Taylor

  • Chance (Cross Creek Wyoming Ranch Romances #3)
  • Pretend Christmas Fiance, The (South Port Beach Romances #9)

Hartman, Aubrey

  • Lion of Lark-Hayes Manor, The

Hastings, Amanda

  • Secrets of the Sonnets

Hastings, Samatha

  • Return of the Queen

Hatch, Esther

  • Earl’s Hideaway, No Ladies Allowed, The (Romance of Rank #2)
  • For Letter or Worse

Hathaway, Deborah M.

  • To Know Miss May (Castles & Courtship)

Heileman, Jess

  • Newport Christmess, A (Christmas Escape #4)

Heiner, Tamara Hart

  • Considering Margaret (Kellam High #3)

Hibbert, Debbiet

  • Necromancy the Musical

Higgins, Marie

  • Opals and Orphans (Gems of the West #7)
  • Wallflower to Love, A (Love’s Addiction #1)
  • Governess to Protect (Love’s Addiction #2)
  • Gretta’s Gamble (Love’s Wager #1)
  • Cara’s Chance (Love’s Wager #2)
  • Chance for Olivia, A (Last Chance Brides #20)
  • Jessie’s Journey (Suffrage Spinsters #1)
  • Summer’s Spunk (Westward Home and Hearts Mail-Order Brides #33)
  • Sunflower Challenge, The
  • Spy for Christmas, A

Hill, Amanda Lawsen

  • Once Upon a Family

Hilton, Emi

  • Bluebird Sky

Hinrichsen, Ronda Gibb

  • Murderous Charade, A (Relentless Society Mysteries #1)

Hoagland, Maria

  • Bait and Tackle Switch, The (Diamond Cove Romantic Comedy)

Holmberg, Charlie N.

  • Keeper of Enchanted Roomos (Whimbrel House #1)
  • Heir of Uncertain Magic (Whimbrel House #2)

Holmes, Michele Paige

  • Heart of Holiday, The (Holiday Harbor #3)

Horrocks, Heather

  • Chickory Spells Trouble (Moonchuckle Bay #16)
  •  Match Made Inn Heaven, A (Who-Dun-Him Inn #__)
  • Holly’s Jolly Christmas

Hues, L. Blaise

  • Victor-27

Hunt, Sydney

  • Cursebreaker

Hunter, Ann

  • Hard Check Holiday

Isaacson, Liz

  • Gift of Gingerbread, The (Shiloh Ridge Ranch in Three Rivers Romance™ # 5)

Jacobs, Bruce

  • Zeke Zooter and the Eye of Balor

Jacobson, Melanie

  • Scrooge and the Girl Next Door (Creekville Kisses #4)
  • Betting on the Boy Next Door (Betting on Love)
  • Fall Back Plan, The (Sweater Weather #2)

James, Rachel

  • Reapers Creepers (Eerie Valley Supernaturals #3)

John, Rachel

  • Not Friends (Sworn to Loathe You #3)

Johnson, Angela

  • Mr. Fernley and the Lady (Fernley Family #2)
  • Archaeologist and the Spinster, The (Fernley Family #3)
  • Vicar and the Thief, The (Fernley Family #4)
  • Barrister and the Wallflower, The (Fernley Family #5)

Johnson, Elana

  • Beach Blueprint, The (Hilton Head Island #4)
  • Relationship, The
  • Tropical Ticket, The

Johnson, Janet Sumner

  • Winterion Deception, The: Final Word

Johnson, Jen Geigle

  • Widow’s Return, The (A Gentleman’s Match #1)
  • To Win Her Hand (A Gentleman’s Match #2)

Johnson, Sally

  • If the Ring Fits

Jolley, Mary Locke

  • First, the Computer

Kae, Clarissa

  • Once Upon a Fairy Tale
  • Little Red Rising Hood

Kay, Shaela

  • To Train A Heart

Keanini, Julia

  • Secretly Loving my Cowboy Best Friend (Ashford Brothers #3)

Keisel, Kortney

  • Later On We’ll Conspire (Christmas Escape)
  • How Trey Let Me Get Away (Famously in Love #1)
  • How Jenna Became My Dilemma (Famously in Love #2)

Keyes, Martha

  • Battling the Bluestocking (The Donovans #4)
  • Just Friends Forever (Sheppards in Love #1)
  • Kissing for Keeps
  • A Suitable Arrangement

Kimball, Heidi

  • Managing Miss, The (Promise of Forever After #5)
  • Not-So-Distant Love, A

Kimzey, Nicole J.

  • Breathing Under Water

King, Jason James

  • Mad Reaper, The

Laurie, Erica

  • One Thousand Winters

Leavitt, Martine

  • Buffalo Flats

LeCheminant, Dana

  • Love in Disguise
  • What Dreams May Come

Lee, Marty C.

  • Coming of the Fae, The (Return of the Fae #1)

Lewis, Laurie

  • Revenge Never Rests

Libretto, Lorelei

  • Finding the Wolf

Leiske, Victorine K.

  • Necessary Nudge Out of the Friend Zone, A

Lloyd, Janilise

  • Whisperer’s Wish, The

London, Rimmy

  • Dark Highways and Dogging Clues
  • Poppyridge Cove Tragedy, A (Creepy Cozy Mysteries #6)
  • Lies at Poppyridge Cove (Creepy Cozy Mysteries #7)

Love, Betsy

  • Unexpected Proposal, An

Lowham, Elizabeth

  • Beauty Reborn

Lyon, Annette

  • Just One More

Martinsen, Amy

  • Pitch, The (An Untapped Source #4)

Matthews, Julie K.

  • Anna’s MVP

McConnell, Lucy

  • Royal Agenda (Diamond Cove Romantic Comedy)

McKinnon, Rebecca

  • Murder to My Ears

McNeil, Roxanne

  • Those Little Alarms

McShane, Melissa

  • Silver and Shadow (Books of the Dark Goddess #1)
  • Missing by Moonlight (Books of the Dark Goddess #2)
  • Shades of the Past (Books of the Dark Goddess #3)
  • Path of the Paladin (Books of the Dark Goddess #4)
  • Hidden Realm (Living Oracle #1)

Mera, Daniela

  • Gilded Survivor, The

Merriam, Kathryn

  • No Matter Who

Merrill, Allison Hong

  • Paper Daughters of Chinatown, The (Adapted for Young Readers)

Meyer, Anne-Marie

  • Shop Around the Corner, The (Sweet Tea and a Southern Gentleman #2)

Mickelson, Marcia

  • Weight of Everything, The

Millecam, Courtney

  • Never Heir, The

Mitchell, Gracie Ruth

  • Juniper Bean Resorts to Murder

Monroe, Holli Jo

  • Counterfeit Attachment, The (Bath Schoolmates #2)

Monson, Becky

  • Love Songs Suck

Montpetit, Kimberley

  • Her Private Eye Fake Fiancé (Fake Fiancé Romantic Suspense #1)
  • Her Double Life Fake Fiancé (Fake Fiancé Romantic Suspense #5)

Moore, Heather B.

  • Paper Daughters of Chinatown, The (Adapted for Young Readers)
  • Under the Java Moon
  • Just Add Mischief (Everly Falls #2)
  • Take a Chance (Prosperity Ranch 35)

Moore, Jennifer

  • Educating Elizabeth (Blue Orchid Society #4)

Morris, Chad and Shelley Brown

  • Virtually Me

Mull, Brandon

  • Carnival Quest (Candy Shop War #3)

Newbold, Ashtyn

  • Lord Blackwell’s Promise (Larkhall Letters #5)
  • Earl Next Door, The (Noble Charades #1)
  • Heart to Keep, A

Nichols, M.A.

  • Holiday Engagement, A (Christmas Courtships #1)
  • Accidental Courtship, An (The Leighs #1)
  • Love in Disguise (The Leighs #2)
  • His Mystery Lady (The Leighs #3)

Nielsen, Jennifer

  • Iceberg

Okerlund, Taya

  • Never Lore: Journey to Mt. Smolder

Padovich, M.B.

  • Call Me!: A Call Family Novel

Peaslee, Jessilyn Stewart

  • Always Ella

Peel, Jennifer

  • Christmas at Valentine Inn (Valentine Inn #2)
  • My eX-Mas Emergency

Penny, Jaqueline

  • Seventeen Days

Penrod, Erica

  • Kissing on the Dotted Line (Diamond Cove Romantic Comedy)

Perry, Anne

  • Christmas Deliverance, A

Peters, Jen

  • Falling for the Rancher (Black Rock Ranch #3)
  • Crazy for the Rancher’s Cousin (Black Rock Ranch Prequel)

Peterson, Kathi Oram

  • Shifting Sands

Poulson, Clair M.

  • Accused
  • Brush Fire

Powell, Christie Valentine

  • Captain’s Dowry, The
  • Dream Realm, The (The Spectra Crown Tales #2)

Proctor, Jenny

  • How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss (How to Kiss a Hawthorne Brother #2)
  • How to Kiss Your Enemy (How to Kiss a Hawthorne Brother #3)
  • Absolutely Not in Love (Sweater Weather #7)
  • Merritt and Her Childhood Crush (Oakley Island Romcoms #2) (with Emma St. Clair)

Purdie, Kathryn

  • Forest Grimm, The

Rabe, Jenny

  • Mistletoe Kisses

Rallison, Janette

  • Her Ex-crush Bodyguard

Read, D.T.

  • Mountains of the Gods (Seventh Shaman #2)
  • Crucible of the Gods (Seventh Shaman #3)
  • Apprentice to the Gods (Seventh Shaman #4)

Reeder, Joanna

  • Courting Fae Thieves and Crowns

Richards, Michael

  • Peace of Freysdal, The

Richards, Teresa

  • Flippin’ Skaters

Ridgmont, Julia

  • To Hope Again (Brides of Hope Hollow #8)

Rigby, Randi

  • Derailed

Romeril, Christina

  • Nutcracker Nightmare, A

Sanderson, Brandon

  • Lost Metal, The (Mistborn #7)
  • Tress of the Emerald Sea
  • Frugal Wizard’s Handbook for Surviving Medieval England, The
  • Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
  • Sunlit Man, The

Sangster, Caitlyn

  • He Who Breaks the Earth (Gods Touched #1)

Savage, J. Scott

  • Graysen Foxx and the Treasure of Principal Redbeard (Graysen Foxx, School Treasure Hunter #1)

Schneider, Jo

  • Hunger Rises, The (A Girl and Her Cat #3)

Scott, Regina

  • Never Love a Lord (Fortune’s Brides: The Wedding Vow #4)
  • Frontier Cinderella
  • Never Beguile a Bodyguard

Shamy, Morgan

  • Dollmaker, The

Sharp, Crissy

  • Annoying and Unforgiving Hart, An
  • Persuasion and Peaches

Shelley, Rebecca

  • Heart of the Volcano (Dragonbound #11)

Smithson, Camill

  • Ditch the Glitch

Sowards, A. L.

  • Codes of Courage
  • Waltz with Traitors, A

Spencer, Jen

  • Rachel and Riley

Stansfield, Anita

  • Magic of Starlight, The

Stanford, Brit

  • Timespeaker, The

Stewart, Samantha

  • Bee King, The

Stockton, Kasey

  • Enemy Across the Loch, The (Myths of Moraigh# 3)
  • I’m Not Charlotte Lucas
  • Love on Deck
  • Noble Inheritance, A

Stones, Rachel Kelley

  • Love Unseen

Strunk, Mindy Burbidge

  • Engaging the Earl (League of Eligible Bachelors #1)
  • Saving Anna (Unlikely Match)

Summers, Sophia

  • Prince to Hide, A

Swinton, Lisa

  • 12 Kisses to Christmas

Symonds, Shannon

  • Seaside Murder Before Christmas, The (By the Sea Cozy Mystery #6)

Talley, Rebecca

  • Journey to Juniper Springs (Juniper Springs Romance #2)

Tate, Kristy

  • Small Town Secrets

Thayer, Mike

  • Talent Thief, The

Thompson, Jessica

  • Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up

Thorne, Danielle

  • Home for the Twins, A
  • Doctor’s Christmas Dilemma, The

Thornton, Ellie

  • Crazy Little Thing (Diamond Cove Romantic Comedy)
  • Under Pressure (Diamond Cove Romantic Comedy)
  • Snowed In at the Winter Cabin

Tolley, Diane Stringham

  • Abigail: Faith Amid the Fury (Daughters of Ishmael)

Tullis, Heather

  • Pining for Christmas (Seasons of Sugar Creek #5)

Twiss, Johan

  • When Sister Soul Sang the Truth

Vickers, Elaine

  • Half Moon Summer

Wade, J.C.

  • Storm Summoned, A

Walker, Anneka R.

  • Unwitting Alliance, An

Walker, Megan

  • Miss Newbury’s List

Ward, Marsha

  • Blacksmith’s Apprentice, The (Owen Family #6)

Watson, Kate

  • Baby Llama Drama

Weaver, Donna K.

  • How Mr Grinchy Found Christmas (Love for Christmas #1)
  • Whispers of Forever (Safe Harbors #5)

Wheeler, E.B.

  • Wild Magic (Iron & Thorns #2)

Wheeler, Jeff

  • Betrayed, The (The Dawning of Muirwood)
  • Doomsday Match

Whitney, Lucinda

  • Love Me Tender, Love Me True

Wilson, Sariah

  • Chemistry of Love, The

Wright, Julie

  • Swimming in a Sea of Stars
  • Windsong Manor

Youngblood, Jennifer

  • 101 on Love, The
  • Sliver of Doubt, A
  • Comfortable Lies

Zeigler, Amey

  • Autumn Fallout, The
  • Billionaires Don’t Go to Camp