The Rising Mist by M.J. Evans

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The evil unicorn Hasbadana is defeated in the second book of The Mist Trilogy: “Mists of Darkness.” He is sent back to his Dark Kingdom, his head bowed in shame. But will this defeat be permanent or just a temporary set back?

While Hasbadana stomps around his castle, Valhalla, and plots his next move, the Legion of the Unicorn continue serving the animals on the earth. Bethany is inducted into the Legion and becomes Shema’s rider. Time after time, she and Nick ride their unicorns through the mist to help injured and dying horses. Their travels take them to the Island of Chincoteague to help the ponies with their annual swim. They help polo ponies, a police horse and circus animals. They even become involved in an international scandal as they work to rescue the famous Lipizzan Stallions from a band of kidnappers holding them for ransom. It is tiring but rewarding work for the two riders and their unicorns.

But alas, a sad day arrives in Celestia. Nick and Lazari return from their assignment only to be summoned to meet with Urijah, the Lord of the unicorns. The kind, wise leader informs the boy that Hasbadana has taken Nick’s sisters into his Dark Kingdom. Nick knows that he must return to the Dark Kingdom to save them. With Bethany by his side, he faces the evil unicorn once again. Unfortunately, Hasbadana is ready for them. Now, only Urijah can save them by trading his life for theirs’. Will Urijah spend the rest of eternity as Hasbadana’s prisoner? Read “The Rising Mist” to find out.

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Title: The Rising Mist (Mist Trilogy #3)

Author: M.J. Evans

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Release Date: October 3, 2013


Formats: 184 pages, e-book (print version coming)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Mist Trilogy: Behind the Mist (book 1), Mists of Darkness (book 2)

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