Lost then Found by Heather B. Moore

April 25, 2013 | 1 Comment

Welcome to the Aliso Creek Novella Series:

Liz, Gemma, Arie, Jess, and Drew have been best friends since creating “the Five” at Aliso Creek High School. But that was over ten years ago, and each is still trying to find that perfect someone… if perfect is even possible.

Arie, at the top of her career as VP of an established real estate company, discovers that her professional success has led to a less-than-successful dating life. But she may have just met the ideal man in workaholic film producer Dustin Jacobs. When Arie discovers that Dustin’s life is more complicated than she thought, she wonders if there is room for her in it after all or if she should add him to her long list of disaster relationships.

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Title: Lost then Found (An Aliso Creek novella)

Author: Heather B. Moore

Publisher: Mirror Press

Release Date: April 2, 2013


Size: 60 pages, ebook

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Aliso Creek Series (read in any order):  Third Time’s the Charm (bk 1), The Daisy Chain (bk 2)

One response to “Lost then Found by Heather B. Moore

  1. Gayle Humpherys

    I’ve really enjoyed the Aliso Creek series of novellas — I think this was my favorite one. My biggest complaint is that they are too short and I always want more of the story! I seem to have an especially soft spot for stories about a regular girl falling for a celebrity.

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