Putting Down the Pieces by Cheryl Leigh

June 14, 2013 | 1 Comment

After saving every possible portion of her scant income, twenty-one year old Nika Petrovskya has finally run away from home. Though she leaves behind an unfinished education, a repugnant job, and nine years of neglect and abuse, she can’t seem to shake the terrifying nightmares that plague her sleep.

With the right mix of encouragement from her friend Reyna, and steady income from her generous, handsome new employer, Simon Thorpe, Nika will finally have the freedom to pursue her dream of a music degree and slowly put down the horrific pieces of her past.

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Title: Putting Down the Pieces

Author: Cheryl Leigh

Publisher: Self

Release Date: June 1, 2013


Size: __ pages, ebook

Genre: Romance

One response to “Putting Down the Pieces by Cheryl Leigh

  1. I had the chance to read this book and really liked the heroine, Nika. She’s such a strong character, and goes through so much. You follow her growth and have a front row seat to her development, the discoveries she makes about herself, and what she deserves. Simon was the perfect hero, so supportive and swoon-worthy. I highly recommend this one.

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