Trouble in Elf City by Anna del C. Dye

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In the serene and beautiful city of the elfs, life has changed but little since Menarm was destroyed and the war ended. Three springs have passed and Adren, the last princess of Menarm, has settled into her new life. Her champion, the Silent Warrior, has not been seen since the battle at Wilapond.

Suddenly the peaceful life in her new kingdom is challenged by enemies the elfs are unable to fight. Disaster seems imminent for their whole race.

Will Adren have to witness the destruction of this kingdom and once again find herself alone in the world?

Or can the Silent Warrior come to her rescue and save them all?

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Title: Trouble in Elf City (Silent Warrior #2)

Author: Anna del C. Dye

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Release Date: Nov 21, 2008

ISBN: 978-1432730468

Formats: 372 pages, 5×8, softcover; e-book

Genre: Fantasy

Elf Series: The Elf and the Princess (book 1)

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