Changes Are A-Coming!

August 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

IMPORTANT! is going into maintenance mode later today. It will be back on Monday (maybe sooner) even better than before—with some cool new stuff! For those of you participating in the giveaway, don’t worry. You can still get all your points by clicking on the Giveaway tab on my Facebook page or on this link:

So what are we doing?

Those of you who’ve been site visitors for over a year may remember that last spring (summer?) the framework I’d been using changed and crashed my site for a couple of days. I made some quick & dirty updates to get the site working again, with the intention of doing some permanent updates later.

It is now later. I’ve got a new theme that will change the look of the site a little, but it will change the back-end operations for me a LOT. In good ways. I’ll also be changing some of the guidelines for posts and giveaways.

I’m excited and I hope you’ll love the changes!

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