Seven Sisters: Overland Trek by Carolyn Hart Bennett

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432 pages. Print, e-Book.

It is July 19, 1863 when the Amazon arrives from London at the New York docks with eight hundred Mormons on board. Among the arriving Saints are seven young, unmarried, unrelated “sisters in the gospel,” who have been placed together as a family during their forty-four-day voyage. The Seven Sisters, as they have come to be called, have become close enough to vow to stay together all the way to their new home in Utah.

The Sisters must now travel overland by railroads and waterways to the Mormon outfitting camp in Nebraska Territory, where they plan to join the “down and back” wagons and trek to the Salt Lake Valley. As they make this journey, the Sisters experience many difficulties—from the rigors of changing trains and riverboats to sleeping outside in unpredictable weather to wondering when or where they will find their next sustenance. While facing unexpected accidents, sickness, and loss, the Sisters trek the last thousand miles on foot in unforgiving environments with the possibility of cattle and buffalo stampedes, hostile Indians, and treacherous river crossings.

In this continuing historical tale, the Seven Sisters must face their biggest fears and rely on their faith, courage, and optimism to survive this challenging journey to their “Zion” home.

Overland Trek by Carolyn Hart Bennett. Seven Sisters #2. iUniverse. October 14, 2014.

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