The Little Mermaid by Jenni James

October 16, 2014 | 1 Comment
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LittleMermaid_JamesIs grass truly greener than ocean blue?

Pearl has always dreamed of visiting the land of humans, to walk with them, eat with them, and learn everything she can from them. But no one in the North Seas agrees with her. In fact, they are all convinced that the landfolk are a dangerous, scary group of people who would harm the mermaid if they could.

Keel, the great merprince of the North Seas, has never loved anyone as much as he loves Pearl. He knows of her fascination with mankind and realizes she will never be truly settled until she has walked among the humans. So he finally relents, giving her a potion to grow legs of her own so she can experience the world above the water. He vows to come on land and protect her, as he doesn’t trust humans and never will.

Join us in this unique twist of a tale about a princess determined to find a world and life better than her own, and the prince who is willing to risk it all to guarantee that she finds her own happiness.

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Title: The Little Mermaid (Faerie Tale Collection #11)

Author: Jenni James

Publisher: StoneHouse Ink

Release Date: October 14, 2014


Formats: 91 pages, e-book

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Faerie Tale Collection:

Beauty and the Beast (book #1)

•  Sleeping Beauty (book #2)

Rumplestiltskin (book #3)

• Cinderella (book #4)

• Hansel and Gretel (book #5)

• Jack and the Beanstalk (book #6)

• Snow White (book #7)

• The Frog Prince (book #8)

The Twelve Dancing Princesses (book #9)

Rapunzel (book #10)

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