The Avatar Battle by Chad Morris

March 5, 2014 | 2 Comments

Abby and Derick begin second semester at Cragbridge Hall, the most prestigious secondary school in the world. But when Grandpa Cragbridge admits them to the Council of Keys—a secret group of people who have keys to travel back in time—strange things begin to happen. One by one, members are found unconscious and unable to wake, their keys stolen.

Now Abby and Derick must scramble to figure out who is behind the attacks before they become the next victims, which would give their enemy the power to change the past forever.

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Title: The Avatar Battle (Cragbridge Hall #2)

Author: Chad Morris

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Release Date: March 4, 2014

ISBN: 978-1609078096

Formats: 352 pages, hardcover; e-book

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Cragbridge Hall: The Inventor’s Secret (book 1)

2 responses to “The Avatar Battle by Chad Morris

  1. Gayle Humpherys

    A great continuation of this middle grade series! I listened to the audio book and enjoyed the history “lessons” and the questions to ponder. A great twist is thrown in too – my daughter is excited to get to it next.

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