North Mystic by M.J. Evans

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Leprechauns in running shoes, trolls who are afraid of the sunlight and three children unwittingly prepared to lead a revolution…

A small assemblage of Leprechauns makes their home in a land they name North Mystic. The tiny species are the descendants of immigrants who escaped from Ireland during the siege of Viking pirates in the 900’s by stealing away in one of the Vikings’ own longships.

For several years, they live in peace and prosperity, harvesting their gold from the roots of their shamrock fields. But, alas, all does not remain so idyllic. A band of Vikings crosses the treacherous North Sea and arrives at their shores. The big brutes kidnap their children and demand a tax of all their gold, promising to return the next year with their children if the ransom of the next year’s crop of gold is paid to them.

Meanwhile, living in a condition of opulent neglect, the three Callahan children are, unwittingly, preparing to perform a great work. While their parents carry on their busy lives without them, the children are raised under the careful supervision of cameras, microphones and computer screens. On an otherwise ordinary day, the eldest child, Evelynd, discovers a trap door in the floor of the linen closet. Curiosity leads the adolescent and her two younger siblings, Avery and Drew, on an amazing adventure to North Mystic where their arrival had been foretold for hundreds of years.

Will the three children be able to help the Leprechauns secure their freedom? Read North Mystic to find out.

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Title: North Mystic

Author: M.J. Evans

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Release Date: March 21, 2013

ISBN: 978-1612961859

Size: 206 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

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