Emma’s Dilemma by Loretta Porter

December 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

When Emma’s family was taken from her a year ago, she thought her life was over. On a whim, she moved to England and began to slowly piece her life back together with the help of some new friends, Will and Amir. After making peace with the driver who killed her family, Emma is ready to face her future and the possibilities it may or may not hold.

Will has made no secret of his feelings towards Emma, but she knows he is young and doesn’t fully realize the baggage she carries or how it will affect him in the future.

Amir is always ready for an adventure and lives life to the fullest. A reformed playboy, his goal is to convince Emma he’s the right man for her.

The problem is that Emma promised herself to never get involved with another man again. With two men vying for her heart, how can she tell them there is nothing left of it to give?

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Title: Emma’s Dilemma (sequel to Emma’s Choice)

Author: Loretta Porter

Publisher: Robinson & Yvette Books

Release Date: December 13, 2013


Formats: 229 pages, e-book

Genre: Romance

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