Fall by Jennifer Hurst

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Title: Fall

Author: Jennifer Hurst

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: July 26, 2011

ISBN: 978-1463632779

Size: 298 pages, 5×8, paperback

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Construction is in Julia’s blood, so when she is promoted to Project Manager to renovate a turn-of-the-century school house in a bed and breakfast, she has high hopes of proving herself in the male-dominated construction industry.

But Julia discovers there is more to managing a construction project than just contracts and budgets – especially when she meets Matthew Rigo, the demolition contractor who seems bound and determined to cross the lines Julia has imposed.

Vandalism and other unexplainable occurances beset the project, leading Julia to believe there is much more to the school house than she first realizes. Something is inside the hundred year old school house, and it wants out. Is Julia the key to its release? And are Matthew and Nathan what they appear to be?

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