Aura by Rebecca Talley

November 23, 2012 | 1 Comment

“I half-turned to her and shrugged, still processing what I’d seen, or at least what I thought I’d seen, in Ms. Neal’s eyes—like they weren’t hers. Obviously, they were her eyes, but it looked like she’d plucked them from someone else’s head. A dead someone else’s head.”

Everything in Crystal Scott’s life finally seems perfect—until a demon thirsts for her Light.

Vincent Crandall, the human host for a powerful demon, discovers that Crystal possesses the power to disrupt the connection between demons and their hosts.

On prom night, Vincent sends in operatives from his demon army to neutralize Crystal, and she is suddenly thrust into battle.

With help from a mysterious young man, Crystal must learn to control the Light within her before Vincent kills her parents and harnesses her power for himself.


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Title: Aura

Author: Rebecca Talley

Publisher: DuBon Publishing

Release Date: November 9, 2012

ASIN: B00A4XO180

Size: eBook (print coming soon)

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy


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  1. Karlene

    I love YA paranormal but the trend is going darker, harsher, more violent and definitely more sexy. I appreciate a book where there is the excitement of the paranormal, but I didn’t have to skip paragraphs or pages.

    I like that Crystal is a normal teenager. She’s not perfect, but she’s not hugely flawed. She has a strong relationship with her parents. There’s some violence, but it’s not gratuitous. No sex. I can recommend it to any girl, 12 and up, without reservation.

    Read my full review:

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