2013 Best Book Cover Wrap-Up

January 24, 2014 | 1 Comment

These annual Best Book Cover contests are always fun for me—and I hope you enjoy them as well. I’ll be going back to the Genre Finalist posts and adding my comments on each cover—what I liked, why they made it to the finals, and also a list of Honorable Mentions.

I hope you’ll take the time to comment about why you liked your favorite covers too. This subjective feedback is invaluable to publishers, cover designers, and authors who are doing their indie thing. Just remember to be polite.

Genre Category Finalists

Here are the posts for the genre categories this year:

General Fiction

Historical Fiction

Traditional Mystery & Suspense

Cozy Mystery & Romantic Suspense

Romance #1 (Traditional)

Romance #2 (Light/Contemporary)

Middle Grade Character Focus

Middle Grade Concept Focus

Middle Grade Illustration Focus

YA Speculative Concept Focus

YA Speculative Character Focus #1

YA Speculative Character Focus #2

YA General Fiction

Speculative: Fantasy

Speculative: SciFi & Horror


GenreFinalistIf your book cover appears in any of the above posts, you may download the Genre Finalist Award and use it on your website or blog to promote your book. Just please link back to www.newldsfiction.com somewhere in your post.

To download, right click on the image to the left. Select Save Image. Then save to your computer.

Genre Winners


The Overall Best Cover Voting post is here. These are the covers that won for their specific genre. If your book cover appears on this post, you may download the Genre Winner Award for your website.



Best Book Cover Winner

OverallWinnerAnd of course, if you are Cindy Roland Anderson or somehow connected to the book cover for Fair Catch, you may download the Best Book Cover Award.





This year, I added demographics to the voting surveys. I did this primarily to help me see how to better target my readers. However I thought you might be interested in seeing the results.

Voters by Sex

Votes_SexFemale = 83%           Male 17%


Voters by Age

Votes_AgeUnder 18 = .006%
18–29 = 26%
30–45 = 42%
46–60 = 22%
60+ = 9%

Voters by Type

Votes_ClassDesigner/Illustrator = 1%
Publisher/Marketing = .006%
Published Author = 12%
Friend = 12%
Reader = 73%


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