The Weight of Love by Jolene Betty Perry

October 7, 2013 | 0 Comments

After losing her husband, Jaycee struggles to stay afloat with their autistic son.
When Mitchell Worthen realizes how far off track he is, he decides to serve a mission for his church a couple years later than normal.

When the two meet, their connection is immediate, and it challenges everything Mitchell has worked for. Missionary guidelines are strict for good reason, but falling for a woman he can’t speak the words to feels like torture.

Jaycee loves the understanding she’s found in Elder Worthen over her son, but she’s several years his senior, and knows her feelings are one-sided. With a sudden move in her future, and her in-laws putting pressure on her to stay, Jaycee’s torn between a future she doesn’t know she can have, and another that feels both certain and safe.

With the life of herself and her son hanging in the balance, Jaycee makes a decision that pulls her and Mitchell apart, in the hopes that it might eventually bring them together.

The Weight of Love is a story about letting go of the past, falling in love during impossible circumstances, and learning that often the best kinds of joy are the ones worth waiting for.

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Title: The Weight of Love

Author: Jolene Betty Perry

Publisher: Next Door Books

Release Date: October 7, 2013


Formats: 242 pages, e-book

Genre: LDS Romance

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