Stars of Blood and Glory by Joe Vasicek

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The princess of Shinihon could not have picked a worse time to run away. The largest Hameji battle fleet ever gathered threatens to overrun the last of the free stars. To make matters worse, a rogue assassin from an unknown faction has killed the high admiral of the Federation. Without clear leadership, the war may be lost before she can be found.

But Danica Nova and her band of Tajji mercenaries are no strangers to lost causes. They’ve fought the Hameji before, and they’ll fight them again—not for honor, or for glory, but simply for the pay. War has been their way of life ever since the diaspora from the homeworld.

Master Sergeant Roman Krikoryan is one of the few remaining mercenaries still old enough to remember the homeworld. But he’s an old cyborg, and his humanity is fading. Death is a mercy he doesn’t expect to find on this mission.

They aren’t the only ones after the princess, however. Hungry for glory and eager to make a name for himself, Sholpan’s son Abaqa seeks to make the girl his slave. Though only a boy, he’ll stop at nothing to prove himself to his Hameji brethren.

With the Federation in disarray, the bloody end of the war may come too soon for some of them. But one thing is certain—not all of them will live to see it.

15 years after the events of Bringing Stella Home.

Caution: This book may contain objectionable content. (PG-13)

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Title: Stars of Blood and Glory (Gaia Nova, Book 4)

Author: Joe Vasicek

Publisher: Self

Release Date: March 4, 2013


Size: 249 pages, e-book

Genre: Science Fiction

Gaia Nova Series: Bringing Stella Home (book 1), Sholpan (book 2), Desert Stars (book 3)

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