Taya, Daughter of Jacob by Loraine Scott

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In the days of the Nephite Judges, one man decided he wanted to be King. Two political parties emerge–the Kingmen and the Freeman. Taya’s father, Jacob, is called to head-up the Freeman.

Moving his family to Zarahemla did not go as planned. First, Lamanites attack his countryside compound, intent on killing Taya and her older brother, Kai, but even that did not compare in magnitude to what happened once the youngest members of the family are safely behind the walls of the famed city of Zarahemla.

Sixteen-year old Taya falls in love with Micah, the son of Pachus, the man who would be King. Equally concerning to Pachus is that Micah returns her affections and converts to her beliefs, turning from obedient son to avowed enemy. Taya and Micah’s lives are filled with happiness and sadness, adventure and peril, joy and tragedy while each struggles to maintain their grip on their relationship.

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Title: Taya, Daughter of Jacob

Author: Loraine Scott

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: December 25, 2011

ISBN: 978-1468118438

Size: 254 pages, 6×9, paperback

Genre: Historical


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