Summer Book Trek 2016 Jump Start

July 2, 2016 | 0 Comments
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We’ve only had 1 official day of the Summer Book Trek Reading Challenge, but these numbers include the Jump Start.

What’s Jump Start? It’s a newsletter subscriber only head start on reading, reviewing, and earning points. If you missed it, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you’ll receive notification next year.

As of 8:00 a.m. (Mountain Time), this morning, we have 29 participants signed up. (That’s more than last year, with two less days to do it!) (If you’ve signed up in the Rafflecopter but not added your linky, please do it now!)

You can sign up at any time during the month of July. Even if you only read one qualifying book, you can still earn points for prizes.

We started with 117 books as prizes and we’ve already given away 4 of them. I just love giving away books! (Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsors!)

Overview of the past week:

Total Participants = 29

# of Entries/Points Earned = 956

Titles Read = 28 (see full list here)

Total Books Read = 30

Titles Reviewed = 23 (see list here)

Total Online Reviews Posted =  33 (see list here)

Whitney Award Nominations = 16 (see full list here)

Titles Read This Week = 28

  1. All Fall Down — Julie Coulter Bellon
  2. Beauty and the Beach — Diane Darcy
  3. Captive, The — Julie Coulter Bellon
  4. Chemistry Lessons — Rebecca Jamison
  5. Cupcakes and Cowboys — Lindzee Armstrong
  6. Date with Danger, A — Kari Iroz  (x2 readers)
  7. Deliverance — H.B. Moore
  8. Double Play — Ranee S. Clark
  9. Fires of Invention — J. Scott Savage
  10. Fourth and Long — Liz Isaacson
  11. Frog Prince, The — Jenni James
  12. Gladly Beyond — Nichole Van
  13. Hope at Dawn — Stacy Henrie
  14. I Am Delilah — Josi S. Kilpack
  15. Keeping June — Shannen Crane Camp
  16. Kyle By Fire — Mark Minson
  17. Librarian Shoots a Gun, The — Amber Gilchrist
  18. Love at First Note — Jenny Proctor (x2 readers)
  19. Love Is Come — Heather B Moore
  20. Loving Roxie — G G Vandagriff
  21. Mr. Gray — Michaelbrent Collings
  22. Now and Always Yours — Anita Stansfield
  23. O’er the River Liffey — Heidi Ashworth
  24. Perilous — Tamara Hart Heiner
  25. Ranch Hand for Auction — Kimbery Krey
  26. Rise of the Wolf — Jennifer A. Nielsen
  27. Royal Brides — Traci Hunter Abramson
  28. Timeless Romance Anthology: Road Trip Collection


Books Nominated for a Whitney Award This Week = 14

*Readers, make sure your nominations are actually eligible. (See guidelines here, section 2.)

  1. Broken Things to Mend — Karey White
  2. Date with Danger, A — Kari Iroz (x2)
  3. Deliverance — H. B. Moore
  4. Forever and Forever — Josi S. Kilpack
  5. Four Chambers — Julie Wright
  6. His Personal Relationship Manager — Jennifer Peel
  7. Lady Helen Finds Her Song — Jennifer Moore
  8. Librarian Shoots a Gun, The — Amber Gilchrist
  9. Love at First Note — Jenny Proctor  (x3)
  10. My Fair Gentleman — Nancy Campbell Allen (x2)
  11. Not Cinderella’s Type — Jenni James
  12. Pimpernel — Sheralyn Pratt
  13. Pride and Politics — Brittany Larsen
  14. Ranch Hand for Auction — Kimberly Krey

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