Ninth Crossing: Conspiracy by Kate Gordon

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Reagan Sullivan has had to polish up her secret service skills to protect not only the Vice President of the United States, Tony Castillo, but also her secret love interest Ian, who happens to be an elf of the most delicious kind. With two smoking hot men in her life, she has almost more than she can handle.

Meanwhile, her sister, Heather is finding the elf world very intriguing to say the least. Getting to know the dazzling Mick is an amusing way to take a break from her normal daily life. Although she’s not the tough agent her sister is, there are a few tricks up her sleeve!

After crossing the portal between the elven and human world, the two women are finding a few new abilities that are coming in quite handy. It’s a good thing too because they’ll need all the help they can get as they learn even more about the dashing elven men in their lives.

The provocative tale started with Ninth Crossing: Discovery and now in book two, Conspiracy, new characters and romance materialize where you’d least expect them.

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Title: Ninth Crossing: Conspiracy

Author: Kate Gordon (Gordon Ryan and Kate Armitage)

Publisher: Pegusus Publishing

Release Date: September 10, 2012

ASIN: B0098TH0K2

Size: 150 pages, ebook

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Ninth Crossing Series: Discovery (book 1)

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