My Forever by Jolene B. Perry

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Dani is mortified that she’ll finish her senior year of high school as the pregnant girl, and has no idea how to tell her father, who is also the pastor of her church.

When her friend, Michael, sits down next to her in the hallway at school, it leads her inside the doors of the Mormon church, a group she’s been warned against for years. Dani begins to listen to the small voice in her heart even as her world crumples around her.

Her old friends aren’t around anymore. And when her father discovers not only her pregnancy, but her involvement in the LDS faith, he asks her to leave his house.

Dani’s life is turned upside down as she moves states, tries to find parents for her unborn baby, and says goodbye to her friend, Michael, as he leaves for two years to serve a mission.

My Forever is a novel about the struggle to find the balance between what your head screams for you to do and the power of following the quieter voice inside your heart—wishing for a time when they both say the same thing.

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Title: My Forever (The Next Door Boys #3)

Author: Jolene B Perry

Publisher: Next Door Publishing

Release Date: July 28, 2012


Size: 265 pages, eBook

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: The Next Door Boys (book 1), Left to Love (book 2)

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