Death’s Third March by Greg Park

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With Trian back in his hands, Jase Fairimor learns that his use of Veilgates during the battle spawned unexpected consequences. All across the world, the Veil is collapsing in earnest, releasing demons from Con’Jithar and spreading the darkness of the Void. Nature itself is descending into chaos as the Earthsoul continues to lose control of Her elements.

Forced to choose between his role as the Steward of Trian and his destiny as the Mith’elre Chon, Jase passes the throne to Brysia, then journeys to Zedik Pass to stand with the men of Chellum as they confront Death’s Third March.

As Brysia oversees the rebuilding of Trian’s shattered government, Talia searches the prophecies for clues about Jase’s destiny in the Soul Chamber. Watching from the shadows, Zeniff gathers in the remnants of the Con’Kumen and sets in motion a plot to assassinate Brysia and Talia, confident that their deaths will pull Jase from the path he walks as the Mith’elre Chon.

Half a world away, Aethon Fairimor and his Rhiven allies have massed an army of Tambans and are preparing to join them to Shadan’s army in Melek. Under the Rhiven’s tutelage, Aethon has learned to wield Lo’shaen, the power of the Void, and he is eager to use his newfound abilities against Kelsa. With the aid of a wielding unique to the Rhiven, Aethon has the means to scatter Kelsa’s army to the wind.

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Title: Death’s Third March (The Earthsoul Prophecies #4)

Author: Greg Park

Publisher: Bladestar Publishing

Release Date: November 14, 2013

ISBN: 978-0978793159

Formats: 671 pages, 6×9, softcover; e-book

Genre: Fantasy

Earthsoul Prophecies: Veil of Darkness (book 1), Cleansing Hunt (book 2), Children of Ta’shaen (book 3)

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