Deadly Alliance by A.L. Sowards

April 3, 2014 | 1 Comment
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DeadlyAllianceAmid the darkest days of WWII, will one star-crossed couple’s love survive, or will doing what’s right mean giving up what they want most?

When Peter Eddy and his commando team inadvertently upset the Soviets during their most recent mission, they never imagined the diplomatic nightmares that would ensue. They have one chance to redeem themselves: tasked with destroying a bridge in Nazi-occupied Bosnia, Peter and his war-weary team reluctantly agree to drop behind enemy lines. The assignment should be a simple one—were it not for the fact that they are being deployed on a suicide mission.

Genevieve Olivier is devastated by the news of Peter’s disappearance. After all they’ve endured in this war, the determined OSS worker is unwilling to simply let go of the man she hopes to spend her life with. Desperate for information, her work as a courier soon escalates into a counterintelligence duel with a Fascist assassin—and Genevieve is his newest target…

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Title: Deadly Alliance (Espionage #3)

Author: A.L. Sowards

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: April 1, 2014

ISBN: 978-1621086901

Formats: 336 pages, 6×9, softcover; e-book

Genre: Historical

Series: Espionage (book 1), Sworn Enemy (book 2)

One response to “Deadly Alliance by A.L. Sowards

  1. Shauna Wheelwright


    “A little mystery, a little history, a little romance, and a lot of action, adventure, and suspense.”

    I was fascinated by the many things that went along with the actual war battles…

    The captures, the torture, the imprisonments, and the separation of loved ones.

    Just when you think this book could have come to a wonderful ending and the good guys have won there is a new TWIST that takes you through yet another capture…another torture…another terrible situation.

    Not so many details that it makes the book scary, but enough that you will definitely AND quickly turn the pages to see if they can ever make it through this terrible war…

    My favorite quote:

    “What do you say to someone when you’ve saved their life and they’ve saved yours and you’ve been through the worst life has to offer together? What do you say to the men you’ve starved with, to the man you’ve face the firing squad with? How do you say good-bye, knowing it might be for the rest of your life?”

    SO. SO. SO. GOOD!

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