The Body Electric by Allie Duzett

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A small-town teenager, falls for a stranger with a mysterious past—and a frightening present. Before she knows it, she is a target, wrapped up in his quest to escape the wrath of a jealous queen from a world Lena never believed existed…

Lena Clark’s high school world comes crashing apart when she discovers that the most popular jock in school—her boyfriend!—has been cheating on her. In the aftermath of the drama, she meets Zach Zuson, a newcomer so her small Colorado town. It’s clear that he’s different: it’s in the way he talks, and the way he moves, and the way he looks at her as if he’s hiding something. And then, it’s in the way he single-handedly strangles a full-grown mountain lion to death right before her eyes.

Next thing you know, an ancient monster is attacking them. Suddenly, life for Lena is a lot more complicated than she ever imagined it could be. When Zach decides to put an end to the attempts on his life for once and for all, Lena gets dragged along, eventually ending up alone at the party of the century. Little does she know that this party is attended by bloodthirsty killers, or that a jealous queen has made Lena a target, too. Now Lena must find the strength to survive.

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Title: The Body Electric

Author: Allie Duzett

Publisher: Istoria Books

Release Date: April 27, 2013

ISBN: 978-0988472525

Formats: 242 pages, 5×8, softcover; e-book

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

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