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We’re giving away six awesome books!

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Match Me by Christmas by Lindzee Armstrong

Match Me by Christmas by Lindzee ArmstrongPrize Format: Print (U.S. only) or eBook

Content Rating: Mild

Natalie James will do anything to land a journalist job with her favorite travel magazine—even report on Toujour’s first ever singles cruise. After a string of one-sided relationships, she longs for the escape of vacationing around the globe. Even if that means watching professional matchmakers help naïve couples fall in love.

Shawn Erickson has spent a decade wasting away as a specialty cruise director while coming to terms with the accident that cost him his military ambitions. But he’s done running. Now he has a new dream—to open his own travel agency with the bonus he’ll get from hosting Toujour. After so long spent adrift, he longs for the stability of a permanent address and family.

When Natalie crashes into Shawn in the buffet line, their spark of attraction is undeniable. But as the cruise draws to a close, their tangled emotions reveal hidden wounds. Can a Christmas miracle help them build a real relationship before the ship docks for the last time?

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Lindzee ArmstrongLindzee Armstrong is a #1 bestselling author. Like any true romantic, she loves chick flicks, ice cream, and chocolate. She believes in sigh-worthy kisses and happily ever afters. Lindzee finally met her true love while at college, where she studied history education. They are now happily married and raising twin boys in the Rocky Mountains.

Visit Lindzee at

The Scandal in Honor by Heidi Ashworth

The Scandal in Honor by Heidi AshworthPrize Format: eBook

Content Rating: Moderate

It has been two years since the duel that changed Julian, Lord Trevelin’s life. He is now happily betrothed to Miss Jane Leavitt. Her influence has helped to restore his reputation among Society. Her father, however, disapproves of Trev’s penchant for looking into unsavory matters such as pinched diamond necklaces and dead downstairs maids. He will allow the couple to set a date for their wedding when he is satisfied that Trev will look after his own reputation with the same care as does Jane.

Meanwhile, Trev is taken with the rumors about Miss Hannah Andersen. Her military father was said to have put a period to his existence. She, however, insists his death was an accident. Trev can’t resist attempting to set the man’s reputation to rights. When several more “accidents” occur, Trev’s list of murder suspects grows. And then his cousin Evelyn threatens him with ruin if he does not release Jane to his clutches—only, this time, it will be her honor that shall be irrevocably tarnished.

Winner may choose The Devil in Beauty, book 1 in the Lord Trevelin Mysteries series as their prize.

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Heidi AshworthHeidi Ashworth is an award-winning, best-selling author. She lives with her husband, children, and two furbabies in the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes sweet, traditional, Regency-era romance, romantic comedy, and mystery. She is the author of the Miss Delacourt series.

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The Secret of Haversham House by Julie Matern

The Secret of Haversham House by Julie MaternPrize Format: Print (U.S. only)

Content Rating: Mild+

Eighteen-year-old Francesca Haversham is privileged, beautiful, and naïve. Lineage, titles, and wealth are the ultimate virtues among nineteenth-century English aristocracy, and Francesca is elite society’s newest and most celebrated debutante from one of England’s most illustrious families. Her pedigree is impeccable—or is it?

Her coming-out ball brings with it the appearance of one Mr. Langley Ashbourne, and Francesca is immediately taken in by his handsome features and flattering words. But not everything is as it seems, and flowery comments can only hide dark truths for so long. Meanwhile, a long-buried secret creeps ever closer to the light, one that would destroy her comfortable life, tarnish her family’s character, and ruin all hopes of a reputable marriage.

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Julie MaternJulie Matern was born and raised in London, England and graduated with honors from Exeter Univesity. When her formal education was finished she was free to read anything she wanted; and read she did! It wasn’t until later in life that she considered writing. Julie emigrated to the US after she married. She has six children, loves to write, read, dance, sew and do family history.

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The Truth About Miss Ashbourne by Joanna Barker

Prize Format: Print (U.S. only)

Content Rating: Mild

Governess Juliana Ashbourne has dreams reaching far beyond her current position, hoping to someday establish a school for girls. When she inherits a fortune from her late grandfather, “someday” may soon be within reach. However, there is one condition: she must spend a month at Havenfield—with the very family who disowned her mother. Juliana accepts the invitation, vowing to guard her heart against those who shunned her all her life. 

But Havenfield is far from what she expects. She discovers a grandmother seeking forgiveness, a cold and disapproving aunt, and a painfully shy cousin. And then there is Mr. William Rowley. Juliana finds in him a friend and confidant—and perhaps something more. As she struggles to make sense of her new place in the world, her stubborn independence clashes with a yearning to belong and the even more confusing desires of her heart.

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Joanna BarkerJoanna Barker discovered a love for historical fiction after visiting England as an eleven-year-old. After graduating BYU with a degree in English, she worked as an acquisitions editor before devoting herself full-time to writing. She enjoys music, chocolate, and reading everything from romance to science fiction. She lives in Utah with her husband and two boys.

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A Yuletide Regency by Multiple Authors

A Yuletide RegencyPrize Format: eBook

Content Rating: Mild+

Curl up by the fire, sip your favorite hot drink, and enjoy A YULETIDE REGENCY: six brand new Regency romance novellas.

Mary Rose has one goal for her mother’s annual Christmas Eve party: convince her childhood friend Julian Mayes to marry her. Surely one moment under the kissing bough will convince him they were meant to be together. Julian is ready to shake the dust of the countryside off his polished boots. But he’s always had a soft spot for Mary. Will one kiss be enough to prove to him how far he will go to protect her?

Matchmaker Adelaide Northrup cannot imagine a better way to spend Christmas than making a match for Mr. Porter Bartrum: widower, young father, dunderhead. His first marriage was arranged and he hasn’t a clue how to find a wife. His friend, Chloe Munson, has watched his attempts with amusement. If Adelaide plays her cards right, and she always does, she might very well manage to secure two happy endings.

THE FORBIDDEN DUKE by Jen Geigle Johnson
They weren’t supposed to meet, but now that they have, nothing will ever be the same. The Duke of Salsbury blames her family. Lady Catherine blames his. Will an age-old dispute between the Salsburys and Asters rip apart any hope they have to be together? In this game of secrets and lies, can their love for each other conquer even the most tightly held family prejudices?

On Christmas Eve, governess Eleanor Hadfield is stunned to learn that the love of her youth, Julian Phillips, is coming back after a decade’s absence. Once the gardener’s son, he has elevated his station to navy captain. Unable to bear the idea of noble Julian keeping an old promise out of obligation or pity, Eleanor decides to leave the only place that has ever been a home.

FOLLOW THE RIVER HOME by Krista Lynne Jensen
With her beloved home entailed to a wealthy cousin, Arabelle Hyatt has resigned herself to marry the arrogant man, if only to save her family from destitution. But before an understanding is reached, a childhood friend returns from war, wounded in more ways than one. With Christmas coming, holiday traditions are celebrated, and Arabelle learns what lies in a man’s words is not always what lies in his heart.

THE NEW EARL by Heather B. Moore
Celia Thompson knows she can’t live with the new earl who’s come to take her brother’s place. But when the new earl arrives, he is not the pompous, arrogant man she’d imagined. In fact, he’s quite… interesting and handsome. Celia decides to help the man acclimate to his new role. But the longer she stays on at Banfield, the more she realizes the new earl might be the answer she’s been looking for.

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Regina Scott started writing novels in the third grade. Thankfully for literature as we know it, she didn’t actually sell her first novel until she’d learned a bit more about writing. Since then, she’s had published more than 40 clean historical romances for adults and young adults. Visit Regina at

Sarah M. Eden read her first Jane Austen novel in elementary school and has been addicted to historical romance ever since. With a degree in research and a fascination with history, Eden loves delving deep into history. She is the author of multiple historical romances. Visit Sarah at

Jen Geigle Johnson discovered her love for England while kayaking on the Thames as a teenager. An award-winning author and mother of six, she loves to share bits of history tied in to an adventure love story that you will not be able to put down. Visit Jen at

Annette Lyon is a Whitney Award-winning author and a three-time recipient of Utah’s Best of State medal for fiction. She is the author of over a dozen novels, at least as many novellas, a cookbook, a grammar guide, plus some 120 hundred articles. Visit Annette at

Krista Lynne Jensen has lived in lush Oregon and rugged Wyoming, but Washington is her beloved home state. She is a mother of six, gramma of three, a gardener and cook, loves to travel, and lives to make the best of what she’s been given. Visit Krista at

Heather B. Moore is a USA Today bestselling author of more than a dozen historical novels and thrillers, written under pen name H.B. Moore. She writes women’s fiction, romance and inspirational non-fiction under Heather B. Moore. Visit Heather at


Christmas Bundle from Multiple Authors

Three sweet and inspirational Christmas novelettes. Winner gets all three!

Miracle for Ann from Sara Fitzgerald

Miracle for Ann by Sara FitzgeraldPrize Format: Print (U.S. only)

Content Rating: All Ages

Ann is two-years-old and was recently diagnosed with autism. Her parents are desperate to help her. Ann shows great promise. However, she needs early intervention at an expensive preschool.

Going to school could give Ann the life her parents always dreamed of for her. But paying for the school would take a miracle, and this Christmas season, miracles seem to be in short supply.

The Gift of a Child from Donna K. Weaver

The Gift of a Child by Donna K. WeaverPrize Format: eBook

Content Rating: All Ages

Recently widowed Rae Cavanaugh just survived the worst birthday of her life. She and her two young children must now face a holiday season filled with so many reminders of what they’ve lost.

But when a coworker who’s raising his young nephew moves next door, Rae discovers that the support of a good friend, and the gift of a child, can bring back some of the joy of the season.

Christmas Spoons from Cindy A. Christiansen

Christmas Spoons by Cindy A. ChristiansenPrize Format: Print (U.S. only or eBook

Content Rating: Moderate

Louise has been passed from one relative to another for years. Now, World War II has ended, she wants to escape to Salt Lake City, Utah on her own. That is, until she meets Danny who has just returned from World War II.

Danny longed for two years to return to his small home town. Now that he’s home, nothing feels the same. He finds himself wishing for more out of life than working his family’s farm and turning his money over to his parents.

When friends elope to Las Vegas, Danny and Louise find themselves along for the ride. With very few possessions and little money, they struggle to build a future with only their love, friends, optimism and faith.

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Sara Fitzgerald was named Writer of the Year by the League of Utah Writers in 2006. She lives with her husband and daughter in the Rocky Mountains. She enjoys spending time with her family. Visit Sara at

Donna K. Weaver is an award-winning author, wife, mother, grandmother, Harry Potter geek, Army veteran, karate black belt, and online gamer girl. Visit Donna at

Cindy A. Christiansen combines her love of dogs with her joy of writing to create an award winning combination. She lives in Utah with her loving husband, two creative children with autism, and a pack of rambunctious dogs. Visit Cindy at /


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