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We’re giving away six awesome books!

It’s easy to enter to win.

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The Billionaire’s Sweet Valentine by Laura L. Walker

The Billionaire's Sweet Valentine by Laura L. WalkerPrize Format: Print (U.S. only) or eBook

Content Rating: Mild +

When a Valentine’s Day contest for Arizona’s Cutest Couple throws two romance-challenged friends together, can they survive a fake engagement and win the prize?

Everything seems to be going well for Penny and Preston until they compete with another couple whose heartache transcends all of their misconceptions about love. When all is said and done, will they do the right thing and, in the process, discover a bond that is greater than they thought was even possible? Can just one picture turn Penny into Preston’s sweet Valentine? Find out in this clean and wholesome romance featuring a fun holiday contest!
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Laura L. WalkerLaura L. Walker grew up in the beautiful Gila Valley of southern Arizona and met her real-life hero at Northern Arizona University. In addition to mothering their six children, she enjoys putting her imagination to good use by creating stories that connect lives.

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Champion of the Crown by Melissa McShane

Champion of the Crown by Melissa McShanePrize Format: Print (U.S. only) or eBook

Content Rating: Moderate+

Willow North has safely brought the boy-King Felix out of Tremontane and secured the support of neighboring Eskandel in his bid to recover the Crown. Now she faces her greatest challenge yet: convincing the Counts and Barons of Tremontane to support Felix as he confronts his uncle, the pretender to the Crown. With Tremontane on the verge of civil war, success hinges on discovering true allies amid those who would take the Crown for themselves.

But Willow’s true plan—to choose a new ruler for Tremontane and give Felix a chance at a happy life—hits a snag when it seems none of the potential candidates for the Crown are suitable. With her army racing to meet the pretender’s, time is running out. Willow will have to choose a King…and that choice will be one even she doesn’t expect.

This is book 3 in the Saga of Willow North series. Winner may choose a previous title from this series, if desired.
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Melissa McShane’s love of reading has been a constant in her life, and she still remembers the places she lived by the books she read there. That love of reading stayed with her after she settled with her family in Utah and grew into a love of writing. She lives with one husband, four children, and three very needy cats.

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DIY Magic by Heather Senter

DIY Magic by Heather HamiltonPrize Format: eBook

Content Rating: Mild

It took losing everything for Truly Mason to discover she was so much more than she’d ever imagined. But being a witch has its own pitfalls, including becoming a target for every other ambitious supernatural in the country! When forces combine to try to strip her of her newfound powers and her position as the Lady, Truly must balance her own safety with that of her friends, and the half-shifter she is powerfully drawn to, as she tries to solve the murder of a beautiful demon.

But just like her guardian cat Baal, Truly has learned to land on her feet, and a little DIY magic might be the key!

This is book 2 in the Bad Luck Witch series. Winner may choose a previous title from this series, if desired.

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Heather HamiltonHeather Hamilton also writes as Heather Hamilton-Senter. She is the Amazon top 100 author of the YA Fantasy BOUND IN BLUE. Hailing from rural Ontario, Canada, she splits her time between writing, directing community theater, and raising her three children—all supported by her biggest fan, her husband Steve.

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The Dragon King by Mike Shelton

The Dragon King by Mike SheltonPrize Format: Print (U.S. only) or eBook

Content Rating: Moderate

Evil is spreading across the Western Continent. One by one, kingdom, king, and wizard are falling under its influence.

Dragon King Bakari, Battlemaster Alli, and High Wizard Roland are now powerful leaders in their own right. Differing missions and responsibilities have separated them; Bakari flies north to find the last Dragon Rider, Alli goes south to find the source of the evil, and Roland, leader of the Citadel, finds himself stuck in the magic stream without his body.

The Dragon King and his riders always emerge in times of great need—but will their powers be enough? Or will they succumb to the temptations of evil? Each wizard and Rider will be tested—not all of them will pass.

This is book 3 in the Alaris Chronicles. Winner may choose a previous title from this series, if desired.

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Mike SheltonMike Shelton cannot remember a time when he wasn’t reading a book—at school, home, on vacation, at work at lunch time. Though he has read all sorts of genres he has always been drawn to fantasy. It is his way of escaping to a simpler time filled with magic, wonders and heroics of young men and women. He also enjoys hiking, discovering nature, playing a little basketball or volleyball, and most recently disc golf.

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Finding Beauty in the Beast by Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee

Finding Beauty in the Beast by Jessilyn Stewart PeasleePrize Format: Print (U.S. only) or eBook

Content Rating: Mild

Princess Rose’s fiery temper has kept every potential suitor away—until now. After being spurned and humiliated for the last time, the princess forces every eligible man in the kingdom to present a gift to her under pain of death. The man who brings her the best gift will be chosen as her husband.

When Corbin is summoned to present his gift, he hopes that his simple offering will keep him safely overlooked. All he wants is to return to his quiet life as a common blacksmith, away from forbidding castles and beastly princesses. But love works in mysterious ways, and it all starts with a rose…

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Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in English. She is the wife of a hard-working, sweet, supportive science teacher/civil engineer, and a mother of five rambunctious, hilarious, adorable boys. She loves reading, playing catch, and being at home with her family, unless she is on a date with her husband, which usually includes a movie on $5 Tuesdays.

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In a Moment by Sarah Gerdes

In A Moment by Sarah GerdesPrize Format: Print (U.S. only)

Content Rating: Moderate

Lindy Gordon is living the enviable life of an entrepreneur in San Francisco. Her public relations firm is thriving, her five-year marriage is strong and her apartment at the top of Noe Valley is the envy of her friends.

Then the unthinkable happens. An accident briefly ends her life, leaving her with a scar, cracked bones and fractured images that make no sense—at first. As her body heals, she learns little in her past was what she believed it to be. Relationships have soured, love and loyalty has been misplaced and the ultimate betrayal has devastating consequences to her financial life. Through it all, Lindy’s belief that her second chance is for a purpose remains, but the answer of why remains elusive.
With nothing more than wits and long-dormant faith to sustain her, Lindy works to save friendships, renew family ties and open her mind and heart to one who could truly love her.

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Sarah GerdesSarah Gerdes is an award-winning author of nine books that have been published in sixteen countries and three languages. Two fiction series have been optioned for film, another for a Broadway musical. Her works are known for strong female characters, themes of self-reliance, perseverance and overcoming ethical and moral dilemmas.

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