The Wildest Waste by Dene Low

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When sixteen-year-old Leah and her seventeen-year-old wealthy mistress Margaret join the Mormon church in Scotland, Margaret’s father disowns his daughter and forces both of them out of his house. Leah and Margaret emigrate by ship and handcarts to Utah.

On the journey there, Margaret is married to Peter and becomes estranged from Leah. They remain estranged until Margaret and Peter and Leah, now working for Mormon apostle Charles C. Rich, are called to settle the Bear Lake Valley. Leah has a surprise waiting for her in the valley. One of the first settlers is the young Mormon missionary who baptized her years before in Scotland and he’s very pleased to see her.

Malcolm courts Leah. She should be happy, but her employer’s son is also courting her. At the same time, the little settlement must contend with one of the worst winters ever and cholera, brought into their community by a traveler on the Oregon Trail and Leah is caught in the middle of all the turmoil.

The Wildest Waste is a story of faith, courage, and romance.

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Title: The Wildest Waste

Author: Dene Low

Publisher: Laurel Wreath Publishing

Release Date: June 10, 2013


Size: __ pages, ebook

Genre: Historical Romance

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