Where the River Once Flowed by Jennie Hansen

February 5, 2013 | 2 Comments

New Mexico, 1879—The Sebastian Hacienda is a lucrative and coveted ranch deep in the fertile wilderness of New Mexico, a property held for generations by the powerful Sebastian family. After the death of his son and heir, proud and formidable Don Sebastian has only one hope for the preservation of his land: his beautiful young granddaughter, Iliana. Desperate, he makes a shocking deal—the property will be sold to Ross Adams, an American cowboy, on the condition that he marry the stunning young Iliana and bequeath the land to her sons. A bargain is struck, but not everyone is pleased with the outcome. Neighboring rancher Ben Purdy has his eye on pretty Iliana—and on ownership of the Sebastian Ranch. In his ruthlessness, Purdy is willing to go to terrible lengths to acquire them both, even if it means destroying everything in his path . . .

Utah Territory, 1891—Travis Telford was born to be a cowboy. He left his family to chase the dream of someday owning his own ranch, but years of nomadic living as a ranch hand have proven taxing. After several seasons of horse trading with the American owner of the Sebastian Ranch, Travis finds his life dramatically altered by a routine stop at the property. He finds the ranch in chaos and the rancher’s beautiful widow Iliana in the midst of a turbulent land battle. His instinct to protect Iliana is undeniable, and as the danger mounts, only their reliance upon each other has the power to save them.

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Title: Where the Once River Flowed

Author: Jennie Hansen

Publisher: Covenant

Release Date: February 2013


Size: 223 pages, 6×9, softcover

Genre: Historical

2 responses to “Where the River Once Flowed by Jennie Hansen

  1. I really liked the setting of this book but for me it was just too slow! I think I needed a little more scandal! hahaha

  2. Shauna Wheelwright

    What a WONDERFUL tale this story weaves!

    Trust and Betrayal!
    Hopes and Fears!
    Longing for a Home and Loving to go Home!

    Iliana Teresa Angelica Medina Sebastian has just turned 15 and it falls upon her to produce an heir for her grandfathers ranch.

    She will marry to keep her families honorable heritage.

    Ross Adams know that the ranch belonging to the Spanish aristocrat is everything he has ever dreamed about owning and has contracted to run the ranch and marry Don Sebastians granddaughter.

    Ben’s ranch boarders the Sebastian ranch and he will do anything to acquire both the ranch and the granddaughter.

    Travis Telford is a horse runner and is looking forward to the day he can settle down with a wife and a ranch of his own.

    Wait until you see how the author entwines the lives of these 4 people together…SO GOOD!

    A hard book to put down 🙂

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