Summer Book Trek Final Post!

August 1, 2013 | 1 Comment

Summer Book Trek 2013 is over!

A great big Thank You all those who participated in the Summer Book Trek this year—both the rabid readers and the awesome authors and publishers who provided our prizes!

How many novels by LDS authors did you read in July? One? Four? More than 20?

Official recognition for Most Books Read (as reported via the Rafflecopter form) goes to Gayle who read 22 books! (Click her name to see what she read and links to her GoodReads reviews.)

I’ll post the list of the titles read during the last 2 weeks of the Trek below, but here are our overall stats for the entire month of July:

Total participants: 30

Total prizes claimed: 73 (still waiting on a few responses)

Total entries to win: 2841

Total books finished:  135

Total reviews posted online:  72

Total books nominated for a Whitney Award:  38

I think that’s pretty impressive! I’m proud of what we’ve done here. We’ve read lots of books, but even more importantly, we’ve helped out the authors we loved by posting online reviews of their books and nominating worthy titles for Whitney Awards. Yay, us!

And even though it’s now back to life as usual, I hope you’ll keep up the reading, posting and nominating. Remember, we’ll do this again next July. And in the Spring, we’ll have a Reading the Whitneys Challenge.

Till then, Happy Reading!



Titles Read (since 7/20):

Above Rubies — Jaclyn Hawkes (2)

Alma — H.B Moore

Ashes Ashes — Julie Coulter Bellon

Be Mine — Sandra Norton Flynn

Bright Blue Miracle — Becca Wilhite

Brothers, The — Chris Stewart

Cure, The — Teyla Branton

Deep Cover — Traci Hunter Abramson (2)

Escape to Zion — Jean Holbrook Mathews

Frog Prince, The — Jenni James

Frozen Trail, The — Lisa Dayley

Glimmer of Hope — Sarah Eden (2)

House at Rose Creek, The — Jenny Proctor (2)

Hunting Gideon — Jessica Draper

I Belong With You — Shannon Guymon (2)

Millstone City — S.P. Bailey

Orchard, The — Krista Lynne Jensen

Paige — Anette Lyon

Proceed with Caution — Betsy Brannon Green

Reluctant Blogger, The — Ryan Rapier

Rising Sun, Falling Star — Vickie Hall

Rithmatist, The — Brandon Sanderson

Royal Secrets — Traci Hunter Abramson

Royal Target — Traci Hunter Abramson (2)

Scholar, The — May Nicole Abbey

Tangled Hearts — Roseanne Wilkins

Through Cloud and Sunshine — Dean Hughes

Whisper Island — Inola Pickett

Wild Born — Brandon Mull

Titles Nominated for a Whitney Award (since 7/20):

Brothers, The — Chris Stewart

Do Over by Shannon Guymon

House at Rose Creek, The — Jenny Proctor

I Belong With You — Shannon Guymon

Reluctant Blogger, The — Ryan Rapier

Through Cloud and Sunshine — Dean Hughes

Whisper Island — Inola Pickett

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