Son of Memory by C.K. Edwards

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Dorian’s destiny as Shield to the future king of Sonoria is no more. He is a defeated man, and awakes in a far off country without memory of his past. The Land has given him a chance to reinvent himself, to become the man the Land needs, not the one the Salsit created. But though Dorian does not remember his past, he recognizes that this freedom to choose his path is new. Whoever he was, true freedom was not his. Will he choose to chain himself to the task that is needed of him?

Velan is now a traitor to the throne. He must now lead a small band of soldiers tasked with the unenviable job of preventing a war that could mean the end of his people. With him, he carries the “metal” prophesied by the dying girl that will be forged in the west. As part of the prophecy, he was told he is not the one to use this power, but there is such need. To use the power would seem to solve so many of his problems.

Dorian and Velan both fight for the same end, but they will make choices that might ultimately set them against each other. Brothers in arms once, what does the future hold for them?

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Title: Son of Memory (Without Mother, Without Father #2)

Author: C.K. Edwards

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Release Date:  2011

ASIN: B004T516NC

Formats: 346 pages, e-book

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Shadow and Shade (book 1)

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