Once In a Blue Moon by Diane Darcy

September 25, 2011 | 0 Comments

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be…

Successful businesswoman, Melissa Kendal, has it all. Two kids, a gorgeous, albeit difficult-to-manage husband, her dream house, and a thriving, exciting career as an L.A. fashion designer. So what if her home life is falling apart. It’s her career that’s important and makes her feel alive.

But when a science fair project goes awry, and a Blue Moon transports their family back in time to the Wild West, Melissa suddenly has to live a much simpler life. She doesn’t have a job, the kids can’t play Xbox, and the locals find her hilarious.

Meanwhile, her husband Richard is determined to keep their family together, no matter what the century. Can they find a lost treasure, solve a Civil War mystery, and save their family before the next blue moon?

They have three months to find out.

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Title: Once In a Blue Moon

Author: Diane Darcy

Publisher: Amazon Digital

Release Date: September 2011


Formats: 363 pages, e-book

Genre: Western Time Travel Romance

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