She’s Just Right by Diane Darcy

June 26, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Someone’s been sleeping in his bed…

Once upon a time, golden-haired realtor Honey Stevens fought with her fiancé before leaving for a three-week business trip to a small Northern California town. Following a map to the cabin in the woods where her important clients insist she stay, she goes inside and–as instructed–makes herself at home to await their arrival. What she doesn’t know is that some local boys, intent on revenge, tampered with the house numbers and she’s at the wrong place!

Divorced game warden Trevor Baron comes home after a long, hard day on the job in desperate need of peace, quiet, and a good hot meal. Instead he finds someone has been eating his dinner, breaking his chair, and sleeping in his bed.

…and she’s still there!

It doesn’t take long for Honey to realize the wrong man is capturing her heart. The question is, can Trevor let go of the past enough to let his own heart out of hibernation?

When did Happily Ever After become so complicated?

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Title: She’s Just Right (A Fairy Tale Romance)

Author: Diane Darcy

Publisher: Amazon Digital

Release Date: June 2011

ASIN: B0055V3R1I

Formats: 221 pages, e-book

Genre: Contemporary Fairy Tale Romance

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