The Raid by Keary Taylor

February 26, 2013 | 0 Comments
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I exhaled slowly, creating small, wispy clouds as we moved silently though the still evening. Dew collected under my fingers, freezing my hands to my shotgun. The cold March crept down my neck, wrapping around my body, and sinking into my skin.

Cities have become the most dangerous places on Earth, infested with thousands of Bane, and people must now survive in the mountains and wilderness. But ammunition and medicine are essential to survival and they don’t grow on trees.

Eve, as an elite defender of Eden, must go on a raid with a small team into the city for supplies that will keep their people alive. But this dangerous world is evolving and the rules that once kept them safe are changing.

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Title: The Raid (Eden Short Story)

Author: Keary Taylor

Publisher: Keary Taylor Books

Release Date: February 24, 2013


Size: 11 pages, ebook

Genre: Young Adult SciFi/Dystopian

Eden Series: The Ashes (prequel),  The Bane (book 1)

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