Name the Reading Challenge Contest!

September 14, 2018 | 1 Comment

Confused Girl

I’m kicking off 2019 with a brand new January Reading Challenge.

(Yes, I know I did a brand new one last January, but I’m changing it up with a new name/theme that includes all genres. See “long boring story” below.)

I’d love a name that incorporates books or reading or new years or goals, or something that’s fun and clever… but naming things is NOT my strong suit.

Help me come up with a name and you could win a prize! Just leave a comment on this post by October 1, 2018. You can submit as many name suggestions as you wish.

If I use your challenge name, I’ll either gift you a free ebook of your choice (by an LDS author) OR, if you’re an author, I’ll waive your author fees for the January 2019 challenge on up to three books. (Your choice of prize.)

If multiple people submit the same name, I’ll pick the winner using

Deadline: OCTOBER 1st.

Long boring story about why I’m changing things:
Last year I did four Reading Challenges. It was an experiment and did not get the response I’d hoped it would. I think it was just too many challenges and it watered down the overall experience for the readers.

This year I’ve only done two challenges. Both the January “Get Ready for Romance” and July’s “Summer Book Trek” did well. However, I had several readers and authors contact me, complaining that the romance only challenge was too limiting. Therefore, we’re going to open that one up to all genres.

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