Mr. Kippett & His Sailing Adventure by A.D. Duling

April 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

Molly Woodhaven is an eight year old girl with quite an imagination,or does she? Behind their Victorian and the wooden fence of their backyard are the woods; where Molly’s mother has said not to go in.

Molly doesn’t listen to her mother and does. Deep inside, she finds a little elf man named Mr. Pickett who takes her on an impossible sailing adventure to and on the great Atlantic Ocean.

Where she becomes a cabin girl, meets a mermaid King, goes to the Isles of Three for medicinal lily pads and collects Spitfire fireflies at the Spitfire Caves! And all this in one day! When she returns home, time has not turned, not even by a minute and Molly realizes she has not been caught.

She also realizes that tomorrow she can go on another adventure and the next day and the day after that…

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Title: Mr. Kippett & His Sailing Adventure (Molly Woodhaven #1)

Author: A.D. Duling

Publisher: Self

Release Date: April 12, 2012


Size: 54 pages, ebook

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

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