Cobble Cavern by Erik Olsen

April 21, 2012 | 1 Comment

“What was that?” Pilt asked in alarm.

“Whatever it is, it’s coming our way, and fast!” Flin said. He searched futilely for a nearby refuge.

Another screeching hiss rose from below.

Flin took the torch and held it out in front of him. “I can see something moving down there!” he said, panic thick in his voice.

What starts out to be a fun field trip to Ireland for Flin and his school debate team turns into a life changing adventure when their bus ends up in an earthquake. Flin and his teammates get swallowed deep into the earth and become trapped under the ocean inside a clear dome where they discover an unknown civilization. Now they must fight their way back to the surface if they ever want to see home again. Join Flin and his classmates on a journey of a lifetime in this thrilling adventure story.

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Title: Cobble Cavern (Flin’s Destiny #1)

Author: Erik Olsen

Publisher: Sweetwater/CFI

Release Date: April 10, 2012 (originally self-published in 2010)

ISBN: 978-1462110094

Size: 304 pages, 5.5 x 8, hardcover

Genre: Middle Grade/YA Fantasy

One response to “Cobble Cavern by Erik Olsen

  1. What a great adventure story!
    Flin and his debate team have earned the right to go to Ireland to compete.
    But what starts out pretty standard turns into everything dangerous and amazing!
    Almost missing the plane because of a prank, having to ride in an old bus, experiencing an earthquake, falling below the surface of the earth, searching for a way out and finding themselves below the ocean, animals that try to eat them, plants that try to destoy them, rain tunnels, wind tunnels, finding treasure and finding friendship…all are in this wonderful book.
    This book was written as a Middle Grade/YA Fantasy, but adults will love it as well.

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