Iron Angels by Kindal Debenham

August 17, 2012 | 0 Comments

No journey is ever easy.

For the followers of the Way, that statement rings doubly true. Isolated, persecuted and despised throughout the Known Worlds, the Wayfarers have decided to flee into the unknown. Their hope: to find some refuge among the stars where they can live in peace.

But a threat lurks in deep space. A band of mercenaries, hired to wipe out the Wayfarers, is now closing in on their last sanctuary. Only the efforts of Gabriel Miller, the son of the leader of the Wayfarers, and those of Susan Delacourt, a former Directorate officer, can lead the fleet to safety.

As time is running out, they must work together to defend their home and to help the followers of the Way reach freedom—or watch their last hopes die.

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Title: Iron Angels

Author: Kindal Debenham

Publisher: Wandering Leaf Publishing

Release Date: August 14, 2012


Size: 260 pages, eBook

Genre: Science Fiction

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