Highland Moon Sifter by Clover Autrey

June 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

Bekah Rafferty has one goal. Travel back in time and kill the Moon Sifter Shaw Limont so that billions of the human race can survive.

Yep, that was the plan until she actually meets the Highlander. He’s not exactly the evil guy history made him out to be. Creator of monsters that nearly ate mankind to extinction? Well, maybe. Maybe not.

But now that she’s jumped into the 13th Century with the future of humanity depending on her to kill the guy she’s rapidly falling for, and with monsters on her tail, trying to stop her, what’s an assassin to do?

Highland Moon Sifter brings to a adventurous conclusion the 4-part series of the sibling guardians within the Highland Sorcery novels, featuring Toren, Edeen, Col, and Shaw Limont.

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Title: Highland Moon Sifter (book 4)

Author: Clover Autrey

Publisher: Red Rover Books

Release Date: June 11, 2013

ASIN: B00DD769A2

Formats: 106 pages, e-book

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Highland Sorceror Series: Highland Sorceror (book 1), The Vampire and the Highland Empath (book 2), Highland Shapeshifter (book 3)

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