Eagle by Kindal Debenham

December 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

The Celsotian Union has stopped the Oduran League’s offensive, but only at an agonizing price. Now the leader of the Celostian Navy, Jacob Hull, receives the responsibility to pick up the pieces, but even as he struggles to rally the remnants of the crippled Navy a new danger looms.

Rebellion simmers on the Frontier, and on the eve of yet another Oduran invasion, the Union experiences the bitterest division in its entire existence.

At the center of the storm, Jacob Hull must outwit treacherous conspiracies and merciless foes. He must win—or else the entire Celostian Union will be left in ashes.

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Title: Eagle (Jacob Hull #3)

Author: Kindal Debenham

Publisher: Wandering Leaf Publishing

Release Date: December 23 2013


Formats: 346 pages, e-book

Genre: Science Fiction

Jacob Hull/Wolfhound: Wolfhound (book 1), Badger (book 2)

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