A Dangerous Day in Georgia by Williams and Earl

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DangerousDayGeorgiaChildren’s Chapter Book; Time Travel/Historical.

152 pages. Print.

April 8, 1942 was a dangerous day. That’s what the note said. The one from Mom and Dad. George and Gracie find it in their parents papers but they don’t have a clue what it means.

The time machine lands them in the ocean next to St. Simons Island, Georgia. In a rubber dinghy. With a bike they have to return to Landry’s Bike Shop in the middle of World War II!

George is a ginormous, hairy, slobbery dog and boy does he love that.

The kids run into Crowe lurking around the island, watching for his chance to steal the time machine. They have to return the bike and get home fast before he catches them.

The problem is, the bike shop is closed, which means George and Gracie are stuck. And the next day is April 8th. The dangerous day. Will they get home before danger strikes?

A Dangerous Day in Georgia by Carol Lynch Williams and Cheri Pray Earl. Just In Time #4. Illustrated by Manelle Oliphant. Familius. October 16, 2014.

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