Broken Halo by Kindal Debenham

December 27, 2013 | 0 Comments

Every journey has a cost.

The Wayfarers have escaped their former home in the Known Worlds. Their fleet, battered but unbroken, now searches the unknown regions of space for a new world to call home. Under the leadership of Susan Delacourt and Gabriel Miller, they have continued to survive despite obstacles and setbacks.

Yet their trials are not over. The Directorate of Defense, the military of the Known Worlds, has neither forgiven nor forgotten the defiance of the Wayfarers. A task force, led by the corrupt Admiral Nevlin, has followed them into the unknown with the intention of destroying their fleet and dragging them back to the Known Worlds for trial. As the two fleets race through the stars—one searching for a new beginning, the other hunting for prey—another threat waits within the darkness of unknown that could destroy them all.

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Title: Broken Halo (Wayfarers #2)

Author: Kindal Debenham

Publisher: Wandering Leaf Publishing

Release Date: December 23 2013


Formats: 281 pages, e-book

Genre: Science Fiction

Wayfarers: Iron Angels (book 1)

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