Beyond the Hollow by Kristy Tate

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Petra Baron and her immortal boyfriend, Emory Ravenswood, are living their happily ever after in modern day Orange County, California until Dane, a heart-stoppingly handsome man from Petra’s past shows up. Petra can’t remember Dane, or anything else about her time in Tarrytown, New York two hundred years ago, but Emory does, and he knows she’s lucky to have forgotten all about Dane and the nightmarish episode in the fall of 1810.

When Emory disappears so suddenly after Dane’s appearance, Petra doesn’t know whether Dane can lead her to Emory or to the nightmare she can’t remember. But what she does know is that once upon a time really means two hundred years ago, and that if she wants to find Emory the first place to look is Sleepy Hollow, 1810.

With a collection of Washington Irving’s writings in her hand and a prayer that the same nine-pin playing ghosts that carried Rip Van Winkle back in time will share a drink of their ale, Petra heads into another time defying adventure.

Beyond the Hollow is the second book in the Beyond series, where Petra is reminded that love is always timeless.

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Title: Beyond the Hollow (Beyond #2)

Author: Kristy Tate

Publisher: Self

Release Date: January 18, 2014


Formats: 184 pages,  e-book

Genre: Time Travel Romance


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