2013 Book Cover Contest

January 6, 2014 | 3 Comments

Time for the 5th Annual
Best Book Cover Contest!


I look forward to this contest every year. It’s just…fun!

And apparently you like it too because it’s been the most requested event that I’ve been asked to carry over from the old LDSPublisher.com site.

Here’s how it works:

1. Nominate 2013 fiction covers by LDS Authors.

2. Vote on covers.

3. Praise winners.

The details can be found here and I beg you to please read them.


Posting & Voting Schedule:

Jan 6–10: Make your nominations. (Go here for instructions!)

Jan 13: Vote on General & Historical covers. Deadline: Midnight, 1/14.

Jan 14: Vote on Mystery/Suspense & Light Mystery (Cozy Mysteries/Romantic Suspense). Deadline: Midnight, 1/15.

Jan 15: Vote on Romance 1 (a little softer, more traditional feel) & Romance 2 (more contemporary, vibrant and/or whimsical). Deadline: Midnight, 1/16.

Jan 16: Vote on Middle Grade Character (covers with a character as the focus of the design) & Middle Grade Concept (covers that focus on concept) & Middle Grade Illustrations (covers that didn’t make the other two categories, but their illustrations are too awesome to ignore). Deadline: Midnight, 1/17.

Jan 17: Vote on YA Speculative Concept (covers that focus on concept) & YA Speculative Character #1 (covers that focus on the character up close and personal) & YA Speculative Character #2 (covers where the characters are a little more removed). Deadline: Midnight, 1/18.

Jan 18: Vote on YA General & Speculative #1 (Fantasy covers) & Speculative #2 (SciFi and Horror covers). Deadline: Midnight, 1/19.

Jan 19: All Genre Voting Ends by Midnight Mountain Time

Jan 21: Genre Winners Posted & Voting Begins on Overall Best Cover

Jan 23: Overall Best Cover Voting Ends at Midnight Mountain Time

Jan 25: Overall Winner Posted

Let’s get this party started!

3 responses to “2013 Book Cover Contest

    • admin

      Lori, each genre category/subcategory will have it’s own post. Starting today, there will be 2 or 3 categories posted. If you scroll down to the bottom of each of those posts, there will be the words “Click to Vote” in blue. If you click that link, it takes you to the survey form where you can vote.

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