Mischief & Manors by Ashtyn Newbold

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Mischief & Manors by Ashtyn NewboldMischief & Manors
Author: Ashtyn Newbold
Genres: Historical Romance
Format: eBook, Print
Pages: 260
Date: December 13, 2016
Publisher: Cedar Fort

Although his voice was gentle, his words struck me with the panic ridden feeling of being unarmed. He was uncovering buried truths from the deepest recesses of my heart, and I felt completely exposed by it.

When Annette Downing and her mischievous little brothers are sent to Kellaway Manor for the summer, she hopes for a relaxing escape. But Annette finds her closeted heart in jeopardy when reunited with the handsome Owen Kellaway, a childhood acquaintance and respected gentlemen.

When Owen is enlisted to help the boys with their behavior, Annette wonders if he has just as much mischief up his sleeve as her brothers. Bound by a promise she made to her late parents, and amid a frightening mystery, Annette faces a difficult decision when she finds herself falling for Owen’s charm…

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About Ashtyn Newbold

Ashtyn Newbold

Ashtyn Newbold discovered a love of writing early in high school. Inspired by regency period romance, she wrote her first novel at the age of sixteen. Because she can’t vacation in her favorite historical time periods, she writes about them instead. When not crafting handsome historical heroes, she enjoys baking, sewing, music, and spoiling her dog.

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